Posted by: mountainmomma18 | May 3, 2009

A Mountain Momma’s Tale

Since my whole decision to start this blog was to be completely honest I will tell you from the start I have another blog. It is filled with pictures of my daughter (henceforth known as bug) and updates to my family about our lives here in the mountain state. But on there I am a well put together mom, wife and professor. The truth is that I am seldom well put together and am often much more caustic (although clever) then I let on. The problem is of course that all of my family and friends read that blog, so there I have to present who everyone else wants to see, not necessarily who I am all of the time.  When I became a mother I found that everyone had lied. Well not exactly lied but certainly openly told me the half truth. Yes motherhood is wonderful, but some times it’s not. But the dirty little secret is that you are never to let on that every once in awhile you want to jump in the car and run far far away.  I found that mothers have very few places to be completely honest about motherhood, and that is driving me crazy. So I started this blog. Of course I have not gone off of the deep end, I am doing this anonymously. So if you would like to hear the ramblings of what it really means to be a mom stick around, I can guarantee it will be fun 


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