Posted by: mountainmomma18 | May 21, 2009

Hair Envy

Ok, I will admit it I am obsessed with the bug’s hair. Actually I am obsessed with the fact that she does not have any, or rather she has very little. She was born bald, so it’s not like she had hair and it all fell out (yeah ask me how I would handle that), but I have waited 15 months now, mostly patiently and I want some hair!!! It’s not that I get so livid when someone calls her a boy that I have to keep myself from clawing their eyes out as I scream “Do you see that she is wearing pink? Do you think I would do this to a boy? Are you an idiot?” Ok maybe it’s a little bit that, but more logically I really want to know what her hair will look like. What color will it be? Will it be thick or thin? Will she inherit her momma’s curls?

The bug at Disney World
The bug at Disney World

"Over there Momma"

As you can see from these pictures taken at Epcot last month, I think she will be stuck with the curls. As a matter of fact the more humid it gets around here the tighter those curls in the back become, and now that the top is getting a bit longer it is starting to curl as well. She has one curl that sticks straight up, but I think that is also because she has a colic there (I blame her dad for that one). But I can not discern the color. Will it be dark like mine? It looks almost strawberry blond to me, which is fine it will just mean that more people will look at me like I kidnapped someone else’s baby.  Yes she has my big eyes, but hers are blue while mine are green, so now all she needs is blond hair and people will start to give me that look. Also, and I hate to admit this, but I has some bows that I have been just dying to get on her, but of course right now she does not have enough hair to keep a bow in. They fall out and she has a good time chewing on them until they are a soggy, unraveled mess. I do have to say that is one more person tells me to be patient, because it will happen, they will get throat punched. I think I have been very patient. Now dammit kid, grow some hair!


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