Posted by: mountainmomma18 | May 27, 2009

Sounds like it’s time for Slimfast

Beware dear readers, Target can be a dangerous place. I was there wandering today as I waited for a prescription to be filled and lo and behold they were having a sale on summer clothes for toddlers. $4 tanks and short, you bet your sweet bippy I was grabbing up some of those bad boys. Of course I was not the only one and one mom started polite and casual conversation with me along the lines of, “Oh it’s great to get these deals, I hate to spend tons of money on clothes the kids will stain/rip/grow out of in five minutes.” Simple right? And this is how I was drawn in. She had a daughter a few months older than mine and the conversation turned toward getting clothes that fit, you see the bug is very tall (as are the husband and me) but does not have a lot of meat on her bones, so pants that are long enough often fall off her skinny butt. This is when this normal looking mom turned to me and said “Well you’re lucky, my kid has such a fat ass!” I really did not know how to take that, how can a toddler, not even 2 have a fat ass? She continued to tell me how hard it was to find clothes for her kid because of the “junk in the trunk.” And how is she kept going like this she would probably find a future only as a rap video girl. I almost asked if she had been to the diet aisle, maybe start spiking that milk with slim fast, but I refrained, I just got my prescription and got the hell out of there. I am now afraid to go back to Target.


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