Posted by: mountainmomma18 | May 28, 2009

Whatcha’ Lookin’ at?

That is what I wanted to ask some people at Chili’s today in the same kind of snotty teen angst attitude that I never had the stones to try when I really was a teenager (my mom would have had be by the ear). But let me start at the beginning, I wanted to go to get some books, the husband needed some new khaki pants and the bug needed some summer clothes, so off we went to the mall. It being near lunch time we stopped at Chili’s to get some sustenance. This is when the bug basically lost her shit. I have no idea what was wrong with her, one minute she is happily drawing on the children’s menu, the next she is screaming bloody murder and throwing her head back in the most spectacular drama queen fashion. I tried to pacify her but the tirade continues so I took her outside to walk around a bit. She calmed down some, so we went back inside where I got two bites into my salad and the tantrum started again, I think she just paused to gather strength. This time the husband took her for a walk outside. As I drank my coke I looked around at some of the other diners, staring, or trying not to stare at the screaming baby lady. They seemed to fall into a few different categories.
1. People who do not have children: their expressions ranged from annoyance to outright horror to non-concern. This I understand, I probably had the same look before I had children (but I doubt it, I come from a large Irish Catholic family, I am the oldest, I know kids have tantrums). Some people I am sure wondered why the hell I was pinching the baby, others probably thought me and my baby should be at home like good girls, not making noise and making cookies. Some probably wondered why both the husband and I are shopping on a Thursday afternoon (we have summers off, so suck it jealous peeps, don’t hate the player). Those people are, of course, easily ignored because while I used to hate it when people said it to me, it is true, you just do not understand until you have children.
2. People who have children and are sympathetic: One older lady behind us just kept laughing and told her companion that she remembered those days and is happy to be a grandma now. Yeah thanks lady. Other moms and dads gave me the looks that let me know that they had in fact been there before, and they were sorry. These people I love.
3. People who have, I guess, perfect children and so they became judgmental cows: One lady sat with her perfect children probably around 7 and 9 and looked at me horrified. My guess would be that her children, when they were toddlers never threw a tantrum and certainly never had a meltdown in public. I almost wanted to give her a medal (give her, hit her with, you decide). These people just piss me off, you know good and well that their children are all evil at home, or will grow up repressed and rebellious, either one will work for me,
The moral of the story is that toddlers will have meltdown, sometimes in public. This does not mean that I will stay home in case this happens because you know I am not independently wealthy; no one is going to the grocery store for me. So for those parents with perfect children who never meltdown, bite me.


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