Posted by: mountainmomma18 | June 6, 2009

If you are going to puke, the hospital is the place to do it

I have been having trouble with what seems to be my gallbladder. Of course I have been having these troubles for years, but all my doctors have attributed attacks to having an ulcer. Now they think it is my gallbladder and the thing will probably have to come out. I had an ultrasound to look for stones and that came back negative, so I was sent for what is called a Hida scan. This test checks your gallbladders function through a radioactive tracer that is monitored by a scanner over the course of an hour. When the doc explained this test I asked him specifically about the scan because I am really claustrophobic, I mean I had a CT scan once and about lost it. He said I would be fine and he had never had to medicate someone for a Hida scan, so I thought that I would be fine. I read extensively about the scan and looked at images of the thing that just looked like an x-ray camera, not closed in. I would be fine. Yeah right.


I showed up at the appointment at 6:45 in the am after eating nothing after midnight, in comfortable clothes with no mental and my ipod to help pass the time. All was fine until I saw the machine. It was a half tunnel like thing with a big ass camera that they placed right over my chest. I knew I was in trouble when I started to have trouble breathing before the thing was even in place. I made the nurse stop so I could calm myself down. I got myself together and laid back down. The nurse told me that the first part would take 15 minutes and then I could get up. I made it through five of those minutes before I freaked the fuck out and puked all over the machine. Yeah this was not one of my best days.  The nurses were nice about the whole thing, but I was not getting back under that camera.

I met with the surgeon again on Friday. He was a good sport about all of this, he admitted that I had warned him about my issues with space, but he really needed me to get that scan. First because he did not want to go digging around my insides if he did not have to, and second insurance companies want proof that you actually need surgery. So he gave me a script for some xanax and I am going to give this one more try, this time I am making the husband come with to talk me out of panic mode. So hopefully being all doped up will help me get through this.


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