Posted by: mountainmomma18 | June 7, 2009

THe I am far too tired (distracted, bored etc.) to write a real post so here’s a list list

Things I don’t give a tiny rat’s ass about:
1. How you feed your infant. Boobs are formula, both with do the job and it is really none of my business what someone does with their boobs.
2. Who someone else has sex with/gets married to: As long as everyone is a consenting adult in age and mental status and, you know, not my husband, do what makes you happy, tell everyone else to suck it.
3. What kind of car anyone drives: I do care about how slow you are going if you are in front of me, but the kind of car… couldn’t care less. This works out well for the husband; he gets to pick out our cars because, as I just said, I do not care what I drive as long as it runs.
4. If you do, or do not watch TV. Why the hell are you telling me anyway?
5. How much money you make: And frankly it is tacky to discuss unless you are offering me a job.
6. If you work or stay home with your kids: Assuming that you provide child care and do not just leave them in a closet, work or stay home, they are both hard and again none of my beeswax.
7. Any sort of drama or blog wars between people: I mean really? Seriously?
8. If you curse in your blog: I know what that x is up top and I can use it.
9. The Gosselins, the Duggers and the Little People/Big World people.
10. The love life of any celebrity, actually the love life of anyone who I do not know personally, and sometimes those people too.


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