Posted by: mountainmomma18 | June 8, 2009

What happens in Vegas…well you know

Today the husband was discussing the places he had narrowed down for our vacation in July (after any surgery I may have to have) and it seems we decided on Vegas. Neither of us has ever been, which is not that weird since neither of us enjoy gambling. But knowing that there are a lot of other things to do in Vegas, we searched and found some awesome packages which include a suite at the Venetian, airfare and tickets to The Lion King. The plan is that the bug will stay with my mother and sister in law for two days while we celebrate my birthday and try to make her a big sister. But I am feeling some residual guilt about the whole thing, I mean does a respectable mother take off for two days to Sin City to party like it’s 1996 (i.e when I was still in college and did things considered to be partying, not the lame shit I do know, namely have one glass of wine and fall asleep) with the hope that she will sit by a pool slowly getting tippy and later getting laid? I mean it is not quite as white trash as that, I am going with my husband, and all the sex I will be having will be with him, and the sex is for procreation, so technically I think maybe I am let off the hook. I am looking forward to the trip, not just to get drunk and laid (although that part is appealing I am not much of a drinker) but to spend some quality alone time with the husband and make sure he remembers why we got married and why he should never run off with one of his students. I mean I am like 99.9% sure he would never do that because most of his students annoy him, but it happens, like all the time. The only con side of a little vacay is leaving the bug with her Auntie and Grandma. I mean they are awesome and will take great care of her, but I have never left her that long before. She did spend one night with grandma when the husband surprised me with Wicked Tickets last fall and we spent the night in the city, but that was less than 24 hours.
But to be honest that is not the whole story. I feel trepidation yes that I will be away from the bug for over 48 hours, but I also feel guilt that I am looking forward to this short break to have fun with the husband without worrying about having enough diapers and a full sippy cup. And of course after writing this I feel the need to tell you that of course I do not mind these worries, they come with being a mom and I do love my daughter. Here is the mom guilt coming through of course as I hear people think “oh my god she wants to run away.” Well yeah, I do, but only for two days and only with my husband. I think that a happy and recharged mommy is actually a better mommy, so I will take my vacation and try to avoid the guilt.



  1. Any mom that says she doesn’t need to run away from her children for a weekend is lying! It’s good to get a break and refresh yourself – that makes you a better mom.

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