Posted by: mountainmomma18 | June 9, 2009

A Legend is Born

That would be me. You see last week I went in for a hida scan, a test that checks your gallbladders production to see if it is working like it ought to, my doctor thinks mine needs to come out. Well after five minutes I lost my shit and had a panic attack. I am claustrophobic and couldn’t handle being closed in, so I puked all over their pretty scanner. Since the doctor really needs this scan so he does not needlessly cut me open he is sending me back, sedated. Also my husband is coming to talk me down from the ledge. So I called over there today to make sure everything was set up and this is the conversation:
Clever guy who works there: Nuclear medicine.
Me: Yes. Hi, I came in for a Hida Scan last week and basically had a freak out, but I am coming back tomorrow sedated to try again and I had a few questions.
Clever guy: Hi Mountainmomma.
Me: laughing my ass off What am I legend over there already?
Clever Guy: Something like that. What questions do you have?
******** Some back and fourth about xanax and when to take it ect************
Me: Also I am bring my husband and I want to make sure that he can come into the room with me to keep me calm.
Clever guy: Hold on a sec ******** Ok, the census is that for you, yes he can.
Yes, I am now well known in the nuclear medicine department at the local hospital, let the fun begin.


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