Posted by: mountainmomma18 | June 11, 2009

I was going to throw my Starbucks at her, but I like coffee too much.

So the bug and I went to the mall today (Hey do not judge me I know that I go to the mall a lot, but I really like to shop). Actually our mall trip was not so much about shopping but really about the fact that it has rained here for two freakin’ weeks straight which means that the park is a mudhole and we needed to get out of the house. And this mall has a play area for small children that is right next to a Starbucks….like right next to, whoever planned that knew what they were doing. So we are having a good time, me enjoying a venti iced mocha with whipped cream and the bug running all around with a bunch of other toddlers. She actually keeps running back to me, throwing herself in my lap, laughing hysterically, then running off to play. Hey who am I to judge what’s fun to a 15 month old? On one of these trips she takes off running and bites it, falling down, but catching herself with her hands. She sits back and looks at me. I tell her she’s ok, and trusting what I say because after all I am mommy, she stands up and takes off again to chase other small children. I hear some weird noise and look behind me to see a women running, well as much as she could run in huge wedge sandals and pushing a stroller, over to me.
“Oh my god, I just saw what happened, is she ok?”
I must have stared at her with the most confused look on my face, because she slows down and starts exaggerating her words as if she were talking to a child.
“I saw your daughter fall down, is she ok? Do we need to call someone? Did she hit her head?”
I know by this point I am looking at this women like she is a loon because buggy is happily jumping up in down in place (for some reason, again who am I to say what is fun for little kids), I mean she fell over her own feet (she is my daughter) not a helicopter.
“She’s fine, thanks,” I say hoping she will take her nutjobness and get lost, but she continues to stand there, biting her lip and flicking her eyes back and forth between buggy and me.
“Are you sure she did not hit her head? If she was my kid I would take her to the ER now.”
I looked at the small child nestled in her stroller, about 3 months old and mentally wished him luck, he will obviously spend lots of time in the ER as a child. Or maybe he will get lucky and someone will slip some Xanax in his mom’s chai tea latte.



  1. Nice info, useful for me… thanks a lot… 🙂

  2. Huh? People are SO weird. She was already back playing, how hurt could she be? I know she seemed a bit crazy, but maybe you should have let her sit down and told her to order a *decaf* mocha with lots of whipped cream. Chocolate and whipped cream tend to make people mellow. Except kids, they make kids bounce off the walls 😉

  3. Chocolate and whipped cream, of course why did I not think of that one? I will remember that for next time, because there will always be a next time.

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