Posted by: mountainmomma18 | June 14, 2009

I won, or rather lost, but at least I got Starbucks

So yesterday was the first day in two weeks that it hasn’t rained, it was wonderfully sunny and warm. The downside is of course that the whole place is still flooded. Large pools of standing water make even trying to cross a parking lot difficult and what used to be the ground is now a slippery coating of mud. So what are two parents to do when the sun is shining but the ground is still treacherous? Well we decided to head off to the local chain bookstore. They have a huge children’s department with toys, stuffed animals and tons of books and a Starbucks, which is really all anyone needs to get me anywhere. So off we went. The husband and I took turns playing with buggy in the children’s department while the other one got to leisurely browse for whatever struck our fancy.  Buggy was having a great time, grabbing books off of the shelf and backing up into my lap which is her way of saying, ok read to me. If the book did not live up to her expectations she would push it away and find another one. Now do not worry I did not leave a mess, I staked the books neatly on a table to be put away. And now I will take a break from the story to let you know how awesome I think it is that buggy likes books so much. She loves to be read to and while I could recite some of her favorites by memory, I am happy that she is draw to the things that are so much a part of our lives. So anyway, after awhile bug had discovered this table train thingy on wheels and was having a good time playing with (or more accurately near) another little girl around the same age. The mom seemed nice enough and we made some small talk, until it happened. I was suddenly assailed with the undeniable smell of a poopy diaper. The other mom and I looked at eachother and started laughing because we knew that it was one of them, now we just had to figure out which one, kind of like a game of baby poop Russian Roulette. She laughed and said “You want to make a bet on which one it is?” Let’s just say I won the bet, or rather lost it as the bug and I trundled off to the ladies, the whole time me asking her why she did not do this for daddy and her laughing hysterically.



  1. I’m so tired of rain! This is the RAINIEST spring and summer we’ve had in Chicago! The crops are going to be ruined.

  2. And that is the worst, I can not even take off to visit anyone back home and enjoy the sunshine because it is raining there too!

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