Posted by: mountainmomma18 | June 22, 2009

I’ll be hanging with the monkeys, cause they seem like they’re the coolest.

After our first Kindermusic class I sorely needed an escape (I’ll tell you about it later), so the husband, the bug and I are off to Columbus for a few days to visit the zoo and pick up my mom from the airport. I know that is weird, but it is cheaper to drive to Columbus to get her because it is a Southwest hub, then it is to pay the extra cash to get her to the mountain state. We always get our rooms off of hotwire (which no one is paying me to say, we actually always use hotwire and always get good rooms). Anyway we pull up and this place is really fancy, and I totally think that the front desk people were judging us as we walked in, and I can see her wheels turning and she is right, I would totally not pay $179 a night for this room, but I will pay $73, so suck it and give me room key baby! But hey sometimes I like the Holiday Inn Express more than these fancy hotels because they have free breakfeast and free wireless. this fancy-scmancy place? Not so much. but actuall the HIE (thanks Kathy Griffin) cost more than this place. Oh well, I will enjoy my free in room Starbucks and I am sure buggy will enjoy the animals at the zoo tomorrow. The Columbus zoo is really awesome, but I like the monkeys most of all, they’re the coolest because they can like throw poop and stuff, so people are always wary around the monkeys, I admire that in an animal. I sometimes wish I could throw poo at people because then they’d be all wary of me too and never cut me off in traffic or in line at the grocery store.



  1. And that’s why the monkeys at our zoo are in a habitat with large plexiglass windows!

    Ya know, throwing poo would be a good response to many situations…

  2. Dude i can think of a time probably every week that I would like to throw poo at someone, but i never ever have poo at the time, that and I think people may get upset.

  3. I bet the monkeys prefer HIE too.

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