Posted by: mountainmomma18 | June 28, 2009


So Frank is gone, and I am not sure what they have done with him and I honestly do not want to know (and I find it weird that I gendered my gallbladder male, but whatever). The surgery went off without a hitch, at least that is what they told me. What I remember is getting stuck a few times and people walking quickly around me. Right before they took me into the big green room they gave me something in my IV and that is the last thing I remember, until I woke up and had the most horrible shivers ever, and in the background heard someone say something about Michael Jackson being dead. I thought at first that I was still hallucinating from the anesthesia and I didn’t really care too much because I was shivering like a crazy person and getting mouthy with the nurses who just told me to go back to sleep. Just a side note, sorry guys I did not mean to be difficult, but I am sure that you are used to people being very cranky as they come to. When I work up again the husband was sitting next to me shaking his head at CNN, Jackson was dead, it was not a hallucination. An. other side not: I am not in any way upset that the king of pop is dead, it’s not like I wanted him to die, but in all of these tributes no one seems to want to mention that the guy was in fact a child molester.
I was sent home after being chided by a nurse for not putting pressure on my IV site. Now if I were in any way myself I would have made a smart ass comment, but being out of it the husband did so for me, which makes me proud because he very rarely makes those comments. I have been mostly sleeping as my mom takes over my household and mom duties since I am not allowed to pick up the bug for 4 weeks (and let me tell you she is not happy). The mommy guilt is not too bad right now, although that is probably because of the narcotics swimming through my bloodstream. And I have learned a few things first do not take any Percocet on an empty stomach, seriously. Second sleeping on your back is not as comfortable as you may think. And third even though a small vacation from being a grown up sounds great, if you are anywhere the control freak I am, not so much.


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