Posted by: mountainmomma18 | June 29, 2009

I hope this doesn’t go the Steve Irwin route.

So I am recovering pretty nicely, especially once I got my doctor to adjust my pain meds. The Percocet was just not working for me, it made me nauseous and gave me the weirdest dreams, I mean like tripping on acid while smoking crack weird. So I was finally given something a little less you know, druggy (and that was a strange conversation, yes can I possible trade in my super narcotics for some that are, you know not so narcotic?) and once again life can go on. I still can not really bend and I am not allowed to pick up the bug for another three weeks, but life is getting better. But then today I swear I almost popped a few stitches laughing my ass off. My mom, who came down for a week to help out, and I were sitting in the living room catching up on some gossip while the bug sat on the floor in front of us playing with her current favorite, an Elmo book that has pop ups and lift thingys. She was being quiet, which is always a give away that the kid is into something she should not be into, but she was right there in plain sight, so we weren’t worried, that is until she started giggling like crazy and slapping at her arm. It was then we saw what was happening. It seems a daddy long legs had crawled onto her lap and made its way onto her arm, where it crawled back and forth as she watched it and made bridges with her fingers so it could crawl some more. Then she started to slap at it, which is when we noticed and flicked it off of her. She was not so much happy at this and yelled at my mom like she had taken away a toy. Then we laughed because what kid sits there playing happily with some bug? Not me, when I see a bug I want it dead. I mean I have actually been known to wake my husband up from a deep sleep to come and kill bugs in the bathroom. I am afraid that this may not bode well for us in the future, I mean what if she starts sneaking around, keeping a secret ant farm in the closet, and then as a teen really rebelling and I don’t know, taking riding lessons or something. Look I love animals, I do, we have a dog and two cats, but I am not running a farm here and I am definitely not going to stop eating meat anytime soon, so hopefully this bug watch is only a phase.


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