Posted by: mountainmomma18 | July 6, 2009

It’s like he’s the male Gloria Steinem

So taking a break from outing some of the best crazy stories of my family (believe me I have only scratched the surface) I am taking a turn at some of the crazy people on the internet. I know can you believe that there are nut jobs online? I mean really who gave these people a computer and how, in the name of all that is holy, have they been able to take off their tin foil hats, for a few hours to write? But this weekend I stumbled upon a special form of crazy, men who write not only about the evils of feminism (cause really why should men and women have equal rights?) but have rejected women outright and taken vows of celibacy or some shit like that until women I guess realize that they should be bare foot, pregnant and in the kitchen or learn to appreciate them as men. Which I guess means submitting to all forms of male domination, i.e being chaste, silent and obedient.

Over at The Takedown they have a fine (and by fine I mean vile) example of this type of chauvinism. I am linking to the takedown but I just cannot bring myself to link to this guy, it will literally make me physically ill, so check it out there.  This guy blog is all about liberating men from the chains of women through the use of “sex bots” and “artificial wombs” so that men cannot be draw into the wiles of women through sexual lust and could have their own children and raise them as they see fit.


Now I am not one to judge (ok, that is a total lie I judge all the time) but I am pretty open-minded, if you want to be celibate, that is your business. If you want to live a certain kind of life in which you work and your wife stays home and raises a quiverful of kids, again that’s your call. But you denigrate more than half of the human population by treating them as objects solely because you cannot get laid? You’re a douche. This guy and his ilk spend countless hours haranguing the “modern woman” as a diseased slut, waxing on about such topics such as why would you buy something used, i.e women who are not virgins? And the fact that all women only want to get married so they can get their hands on some guys money, cuckold him and then screw him out of seeing his kids, or worse, demand child support. And of course the entire world is against them, because of all of the power wielded by those evil feminists. All of this from a man who, at 31, has never had a date, never kissed a girl and obviously has never had sex.

Let’s for a minute forget the whole treating all women as objects, as in if you disagree or, horror of horrors, believe that you as woman should have the same rights as a man, then you must be some ugly, fat bitch- which brings all women back to the sole role of sexual object. And let’s overlook the whole double standard of women who have sex outside of marriage as sluts while men who “hook up” with a myriad of women are alpha males, cause that’s what the world is right? On a side note I read (and I am annoyed that I spent any time at this blog, but it was a train wreck dude) some commenter’s fucked up math that says an average woman has an average of 25 partners by the time she is 28, and thus has obviously been infected with an STD. I mean not only is this poor statistical conjecture, it’s also stupid. So we overlook all of that and what do we have, some guy who is so lame that in 31 years he has never even gotten a date.

Dude I know Star Trek geeks who go toy shopping every week and do renaissance re-enactment in their spare time who have better luck with women.  If this is your story it is not women, it is you. All of these diatribes are just the pent of rage of someone who is such a douche that no woman, and I mean no one, will even deign to go out for coffee with him. Physical appearance has little to do with it, if you are ugly but cool people don’t see the ugly. Believe me, we have all seen it, the guy who does not look like much but is so well liked cause he is a kick ass person that he pulls a lot of wool (my husband’s saying). So instead of bitching about all of womanhood, maybe you should look at yourself and think about how much of a douche you must be to have no women ever interested in you. Not even some weird cat lady built like Chewbacca. Although he is not alone, I do believe this idiot if one of a dying breed, and yes they are online because they have nowhere else to go and nothing, or no one, to do.


So that is my diatribe for today, and Mr. artificial womb? Yeah, bite me.



  1. Ok, wow. these people are just… you know, there isn’t even a word that fits. Crazy weirdoes. I guess that’s part of the bad side of the internet, that these losers have a podium too. Silver lining? We can make fun of them. A lot. And with Twitter, we can go viral with it 😉

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