Posted by: mountainmomma18 | July 9, 2009

Warning: Whiny guilt mom post ahead.

So I usually do not spend a lot of time complaining about the bug because really she was and is a pretty easy baby. She never had colic, and hardly ever really cried as an infant. I mean when she was hungry she let you know in no uncertain terms that you better get a boob or a bottle in her mouth pronto. And she still does not abide a dirty diaper. But none of this is out of the ordinary, babies cry when they’re hungry and when they need their diaper changed, that’s how it works. The hardest thing about the bug when she was wee was her issues with sleep, most specifically where she would sleep. Most of the time during the day we would hold her because she would sleep through anything and sleep much longer than if you tried to lay her down.  We also discovered that first night at home that she HATED sleeping flat on her back. We would come to find out that she had some problems with reflux, which was made worse by back sleeping and I thought we were really in trouble until we realized that she would sleep really well in her car seat and the swing (or the magic swing as we would come to call it) especially at the top setting. And we used the car seat for the first four months of her life, because it was the only that she would sleep and by four months, when we started the transition to her crib, she had been sleeping for 7-8 hours at night, which made for a happy mommy and daddy, but the transition to the crib almost killed us. The bug refused to nap in the crib and so many times we would just hold her, and nighttime was worse. Both the husband and I were not sure about the whole cry it out sleeping training, and so we bought and read every single book on baby sleeping. Every. Single. One. Seriously if you want to know anything about sleep training I am your woman. Finally when she was ten months old my husband finally took the opportunity to try cry it out while I was at an evening meeting, and the bug cried for 8 minutes and then slept through the night, and has every since (with the exception of the few times she has gotten sick). And as you can probably guess she is a tummy sleeper. When she started doing this I was a bit worried and called the pediatrician, but as the doctor said, at this age she could sleep however she wanted. But time moved on and as I write this the bug is upstairs sleeping blissfully away, one issue conquered, but we have come to a new one, the terrible twos is rearing its head early.

                Back in April the husband, the bug and I had breakfast with a good friend of mine so we could finally meet her fiancé and Lilly came along. The fiancé was super cool and got our seal of approval but his funniest comment came after the meal when he told my friend that he had never seen a child so willful that young. Of course my friend laughed and said “Well you don’t know her mother.” Even my husband will point at me when the bug is throwing a fit and say “This is you you know.” Let me say this, the big is very persistent and very willful. She will not be distracted by anything and she does not forget. And if she does not get her way she will throw herself on the floor and either lay her head on the floor or cover her face with her hands just to show you how unfair this all is. Some days are worse than others, and about once a week she has what we call a cranky day where nothing makes her happy and we repeat the tantrum over and over all day long. It’s frustrating and I find myself getting angry and then guilty because now I am annoyed and angry at a baby, who cannot be reasoned with, even if she could tell me what was wrong she probably doesn’t even know herself. In the end I know that it is normal to get frustrated and annoyed with your kids occasionally, but when this happens I always feel like I am doing something wrong because it seems like every other mom on the planet never gets mad at their kids, they are perfect and I suck. But what does make me feel better is to get online and read other mommy bloggers who  also admit to  their feeling for their kids, which are not always puppies and rainbows. Then I fell better, so thanks internet, you help assuage my mom guilt a little bit, but I am still making a special trip to the cool park tomorrow because I am Catholic and guilt does work on my people, I guess that is just how we roll.



  1. I really hate it when I get angry with my girl, but I’ve realized that it doesn’t help me and she doesn’t care. So now I try to keep it under control, so I don’t teach her the wrong things. It’s hard work being a mom.

    And the park is a great guilt reward.

  2. We kept my youngest awake for more than a month because we listened to the stupid health people. Then we turned her onto her stomach and she was so grateful she slept for 24 hours to catch up.

    I talked to her doctor about it afterwards, all Catholic guilt-ridden, and he says sleeping on the tummy is fine, as long as you make sure they don’t get too hot. We did such a horrible thing to a little baby without any need.

  3. I know that she probably would have slept better on her tummy earlier, but I just couldn’t do it, as it is i wouldn’t give her a blanket until she was over a year old. I just dressed her warmly.

  4. All my kids are tummy sleepers and they all turned out fine. I had to explain my reasons repeatedly to the doctors as to why I did it…I prefer to sleep longer than 20 mins at a time thank you =very much, and I do not enjoy being shocked awake by a screeching baby startling itself awake by accident. None of my kids liked swaddles either. And I my youngest has health issues…so long:(

    I feel your pain with the 2’s tho. I’ll let you know…someday they will end, in about 2 more years. She is testing you to see how far she can push the limits. It helped me with my boys to talk them through the times when I could negotiate and get away with making them think it was their idea;) Good Luck!!

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