Posted by: mountainmomma18 | July 10, 2009

I would yell “Hey 5-0” but I don’t think she would get it.

So my mom calls me last night and when the husband tells me who it is after glancing at the caller ID I jump over the couch to get it because I had already spoken to my mom that day, so she would only be calling back if she had something juicy to report. And she did, but I knew that and so did she when I answered the phone yelling “what’s the skinny?”  It seems that there was a DEA raid on my aunt’s house. What’s surprising is that this was not so much of a surprise. But this required a bit of a back story. So this aunt that I am referring to, let’s call her Minnie, is my mother’s younger sister (by less than a year, they are Irish triplets as grandma likes to say because my mom is a twin… we are good Catholics, I told you). Anyway she was like my favorite aunt growing up because they lived one block over and her two girls were the same age as my brother and me, so her girls and I pretty much grew up like sisters (since I do not have any sisters) so I spent a good amount of my childhood circling that block to get to her house. Then we all grew up and as soon as Aunt Minnie’s youngest went off to college her husband announced that he was leaving her, for a woman who he had been having an affair with for the previous four years. That was more than ten years ago, and she did something I thought was really strange for my aunt, she went right out and got a new boyfriend, and he was not a winner.  This was all a bit strange for me because I come from a family of very strong and fiery Irish women,  and my Aunt Minnie, while being one of the nicest people in the world, could have a very tart tongue if you crossed her. She did not take shit from anyone at least that is how she used to be. When she hooked up with this new guy he seemed nice enough, he didn’t have a job and soon moved in with my aunt, but he spent his time fixing up the house and sitting for my cousin’s little one (my aunt’s daughter- I know it gets confusing and we have already talked about ven diagrams, so you will just have to keep up J). But then he got arrested for a DUI, at which time they found some cocaine in his car and my aunt refinanced her house to pay for all of his legal troubles. I am sure you can see where this is going, my aunt lost her house because even as she worked two jobs the bills started to pile up and her boyfriend was snorting a lot of that money up his nose. But they were able to find a house to rent pretty close and since it seemed he was there to stay he started to let his real personality out- and I am sure I do not have to go into what kind a personality a coke head has, you have all seen Law and Order right? This of course caused a rift with Aunt Minnie’s girl who did not appreciate the way this man was treating their mother. I am on their side here, if someone even thought about being mean to my mom I swear to god I would cut a bitch. This newest turn of events will not help that relationship any me thinks. As my mom, who as it turns out was not told this information first hand (seriously this woman cannot keep her mouth shut- if you meet my mom do not tell her any secrets) tells the story a friend of my aunt’s boyfriend asked if he could keep a few things at their place while he was moving and my aunt agreed, she probably should have thought that through a bit more. As it turns out they put those boxes not just downstairs but also inside some of my aunt’s things, possibly thinking they may be busted, but no one would think my aunt was in on it. This did not stop the DEA from executing a search warrant and taking whatever they took (my mom was not privy to exactly what it was. I guess we will find out soon, but I guess they had been watching the house and its occupants for awhile as they made some remarks to my aunt about some car trouble she had had a few weeks earlier. But my aunt seems to think that the cops are not after her and she claims ignorance, but the rest of us question that one. Sadly this did not surprise me, and more sadly this is not the worst thing that someone in my family has done. And now you know why anyone who has met my family or heard some stories thinks I should write a book. Nah- I’ll blog about it instead.



  1. Yikes. What a nightmare. It’s possible they won’t charge her with anything (depending on how well the cops know the boyfriend and his associates), but you never know.

  2. I used to know a dealer who kept stuff in his mother’s closet as well. Not very nice.

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