Posted by: mountainmomma18 | July 13, 2009

He knows me so well

“I need a blog project,” I told my husband last night. He barely looked up from playing with his iphone to give a small snort. You see my husband knows me and my projects and hobbies. In almost a decade he has seen me go through a lot of different hobbies, some stick, some do not. You see I tend to get bored easily, which is good for my students because all of my classes are different and I am constantly changing thing up, adding new projects, and changing text books, which means I have students who take a lot of classes with me because they are all so different, but this also seems to be the bane of my husband’s existence. I mean don’t get me wrong when I start a new hobby it is never one that is expensive or space consuming. I know myself and I know that while I may get excited about the prospect of something, I may also lose that excitement quickly, and I’m cheap, so I do not ever spend a lot of money on these things. One of my first hobbies was scrapbooking, something that a friend of mine did and was very good at. Of course this was the start of the scrapbooking craze, but I never took to it. My pages always look liked some first graders art project (of course if it had been a first grader then it would have been awesome, coming from a grown woman, not so much). The end came when I threw a glue stick at the wall and it shattered into a thousand pieces. In my defense it was a crappy glue stick, none of my cool cut out pieces would stay stuck on the page, they always curled up and eventually fall off. Most of this is my own problem as I am a horrible perfectionist and when pages looked like crap I would toss them into the garbage. My next project was one that stuck, knitting. One day as I walked down the aisles of Michaels I saw some pretty yarn and a kit with needles and a how to book. My husband (who at the time was not my husband yet) thought I was crazy. Here I was in my third year of my doctorate work, I had finished my classes the year before and was teaching my internship class and studying for my comprehensive exams, i.e not the best time to take up a new hobby. But knitting was fun and relaxing. It forced me to sit still for awhile and the repetitive motions were soothing. For years now I have been the knitter in the family, one of the first people to be called when a new baby is expected so that I can get started on some baby things, which are actually my favorite things to knit because they are done very quickly. Knitting was one of the hobbies that stuck, although I have not picked up needles in awhile. By the time I was seven months pregnant with the bug I had such horrible pregnancy induced carpel tunnel that I could hardly hold a pen or type, and while it left very quickly after I have girth, I have very little time to sit quietly with some yarn now, but I have been spending some time looking through my knitting books thinking about adorable toddlers sweaters for this winter. In the ensuring years I have tried my hand at home decorating including some weird panting of the bathroom which included patting at the ceiling with a spare rag. This did not work well; I am not great at painting. Then came candle making and beading jewelry. Both of which showed with glaring certainty my lack of creativity. I tend to be too methodical to be creative. On my first mother’s day my husband helped me jump headfirst into a hobby I had wanted to start for awhile but had declined because of the cost. But on that May morning he presented me with a Cannon Rebel XTi, a kick ass DSLR that I had been coveting for a while. This is one of those hobbies that stuck because I see the fantastic pictures I have of the bug and will cherish as she gets bigger and is no longer my sweet little baby. Plus I have also come into the possession of Photoshop and Adobe light room, which I am slowly learning how to operate. But it has been a while since I started a new project, or a new hobby and I kind of miss it, getting lost in something new, trying to master it, or at least become half way good at. But my time is now not my own. I am first mommy, then wife, then professor, with little to no time to myself. And I am not mad about this, I waited to become a mom until I knew I was ready to devote my life to another human being without expectations of anything back, except maybe a good night kiss. But occasionally I wish I could embark upon another project, one I could do in the small cracks between being mommy. Maybe I have been inspired since I started Julie Powell’s book Julie/Julia, which I am reading because I saw the movie trailer and it looked cool, so I want to read the book before I see the movie. But I don’t know what new project I would like to start, I need to think on it for awhile. Any suggestions?



  1. I did stained glass for a while. It’s fun, but time-consuming and moderately expensive. However, I took a class so I could do a project. I wanted to make windows for the sidelights around our front door. I did that, but quit after I finished. If I had the equipment, I would still be doing it, but the equipment is too expensive. I like knitting, but I can only do it in winter, or it gets all sweaty (yuck). Gardening is kind of fun, but I look at it as more of a science experiment. I throw some seeds out, water when I remember, and see what happens. That is not the recommended gardening method. But it’s nice to get outside and kill some weeds sometimes! And the tomatoes are good.

  2. My blog is my new hobby. Oh, and exercise of course. Gets you happy in the bargain.

  3. I blog, as you know, and I’m trying to learn to take better pictures.


  4. I think that I may get into CSS just so I can do some cool stuff with the blog design, but I do not do math, as we all know.

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