Posted by: mountainmomma18 | July 14, 2009

And this happens before coffee

So I do not know if you people will get a post tomorrow (I know, all three of you will be very disappointed) because it is my birthday. I will be 34 years old and I am not happy about it. First because well I am getting older and my husband will wake me up with a kiss and then ask me “how does it feel to be one year closer to your death” which is something that he does with his friends and the boys all laugh so he does not know why women do not find it funny. Also the plan was for me to be pregnant already. We started trying again in April with high hopes because I got pregnant with the bug the first month, and when I started feeling like crap at the end of the month I thought for sure it was because I was with child. But then I wasn’t and the husband was convinced my abdominal pain was a bad appendix, but as it turned out it was a wonky gallbladder. And the doctors were pretty insistent that I get the thing out before I got pregnant again, because I guess pregnancy can make gallbladder issues worse, which explains the problems I had when I was pregnant with bug, at the time we thought it was my ulcer coming back. So here I am, about to turn 34, not pregnant, not in Vegas because our Vegas money had to pay an insurance deductable on a smashed back car window and medical bills. But at least I will be able to have a drink or two (but that’s my limit, sorry I am not 19 anymore, I am a lightweight) and a nice dinner with my family. The plan is to take the bug to the children’s museum, so that will probably be fun. But to let you know that it is not all rending of clothes here I will leave you with a story from this morning, which is funny only because conversations like this are a daily occurrence at our house.


So Saturday we finally got Direct TV because I refuse to take my baby to a sports bar so that we can watch the Bears games come the fall and listening to almost all of them on the radio last season just didn’t cut it. It’s cool, we like it and we get lots of cool channels for less than what we were paying for cable (just an aside, I am not getting anything from Direct TV for this, although if they would like to pay for my NFL season ticket I will talk about them every Sunday….hello…anyone out there?).  We also get noggin, which the bug seems to love (yes I let my 16 month old watch some TV, calm down it’s Sesame Street and Noggin and only for like an hour in the morning). The husband was playing around last night looking at all the channels and found he could download some Angelia Ballerina cartoons and because it is the bug’s favorite book, like I could recite it from memory because I read the damn thing at least 10 times a day, he did and we watched it this morning. This is the setting for the following conversation.

The Husband:  What he actually said: Your cat would love to visit mouse town, she would go there for breakfast, lunch and dinner. What I heard him say: I would love to visit mouse town, ect, etc.

Me: Why? Just for the cheddar cheese pies?

The Husband: Yes, your cat would go there to eat cheddar cheese pies.

Me: I thought you said you would go; obviously the cat would eat the mice, not the cheddar cheese pies.

The Husband: Actually she may just eat the cheddar cheese pies if she actually had to move to get the mice, but they would be so small she would probably still be hungry.

Me: The mice or the cheddar cheese pies?

The Husband (exasperated): The pies of course, she’s too fat to run after the mice, besides these mice are like really smart, they dance and know how to work cameras. They would probably capture her and tie her down like Gulliver.

Me: I would think she could get out of that, maybe commit a little mousercide. She’s kind of a badass.

*******after a few moments of silence************

The Husband: Did you just say mousercide?

Me: Yeah that was the weird part if that conversation.



  1. Happy Birthday!

    You do have some interesting morning conversations. Ours usually consist of “Growl.” and “Grr.” We’re not morning people here.

  2. Happy birthday! The drinks will help.

  3. Reminds me of a conversation my friends would have!

    Have a great birthday! I hope that baby comes along for you as a special birthday present.

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