Posted by: mountainmomma18 | July 17, 2009

I think I may be a crackhead, and other stuff

I did not post yesterday; instead I laid on the couch feeling like crap. I have actually felt like crap the last few days and really couldn’t figure out why and was wondering if I should call the doctor when the husband asked me when I last took a pain pill. A few days ago, so very possibly my body is going through some sort of mini-detox. That sucks because it’s not like I was popping pills for fun, but between before and after my sugary I was on pills for about three weeks, and at that usually only 1-2 a day, then maybe ½ every other day. So great now I’m a crack head, which means I will totally need a new wardrobe cause all my clothes are more mom at kindermusic, not so much crackhead, I wonder one would find such clothes, I’m thinking that The Gap does not have much in the way of tiger print spandex and daisy dukes. Maybe online.

I have also come to the conclusion that people who have no children have no idea about children and should be not allowed to wax poetically about what they will or will not do with their imaginary children. Case in point, before I had a kid I was an idiot. I had a whole list of what would and would not go down at my house with my kids. Then I had a kid and most of that went right out of the window. I swore I would never get one of those car DVD players, and then I did, but only for long car trips since we drive over 1000 miles in one round trip back home. But now when we go to the grocery store she wants it on and it’s either play Meet the Robinsons or listening to screaming the whole way there. Or how about my child will not eat sweets or other crap, and now I will give her an Oreo to stop a particularly violent tantrum. My favorite of course was that I would not let her watch TV until she was 2, now I find myself staring at that strange guy on Yo Gabba Gabba and I imagine it is what an acid trip would be like. And worse than realizing that the pre-baby me was an idiot is watching people without children shake their head at me and my car DVD and cookies and shake their head, to those people I say bite me, I will come back to visit you after you have a kid and we can both laugh at what kind of idiots we were and then you can buy me a Starbucks.

On another topic, we are actually leaving for the Chicagoland area (it’s like an amusement park) next week and we are flying. This will actually be the bug’s second roundtrip airplane ride; we flew when she was about 6 months old. But at that point she did not crawl yet and I just strapped her to me and walked her through the airport that will not fly this time. I am thinking of using a small cheap umbrella stroller for the walk, and while the flight is only an hour I worry about how I will entertain a toddler in the air. We will download some Mickey Mouse Club on the iphones and hope that will help. But I do not think she will be helpful and sleep the whole way like she did last time. Any advice would be awesome.



  1. We drive the 5 hours to Chicago, and there is much sleeping. Very helpful. Otherwise, lots and lots of snacks.

    I never had any rules about kids – I like TV, and I don’t think it rots the brain any more than video games or the internet or electronic “learning” toys. I just hoped she’d like reading as much as I do, and so far, so good. There are all kinds of rules that people make based on incomplete evidence. Personally, I think it’s more about how much time you spend with your kid, not necessarily what you’re doing.

    Hope you either get a crack fix, or the withdrawl eases off…

  2. Everyone knows crackheads will do all kinds of crazy stuff to their children. Like let them watch TV.

    Me? I was never going to let my children have a dummy (binky?) – took me two whole days with my first to change my mind. First in a long line.

  3. I cannot remember a time without children. As such, I’m dead tired of listening to my friends without kids wax on and on about what they WON’T do when they have them. Gets on the nerves, you know.

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