Posted by: mountainmomma18 | July 22, 2009

This is not a commercial….if it was I would be thinner and there would be less swearing

So we landed in Chicago this morning, at 9am, the same time we took off from Columbus, but it is not a trick of the space/time continuum, just crossing into a new time zone. Now I am not a great flyer because I really do not like to fly and I tend to get air sick. I was also not really looking forward to flying with a toddler. This was the bug’s second airplane ride, but her first was at six months and since she was just starting to try to crawl she was really not much trouble, I just strapped on a bjorn and off we went. But now I have a toddler, a 17 month old who wants to walk everywhere and is not always so hot to hold your hand while she does it. So I grabbed a small umbrella stroller because I was not carrying her through the airport and she was not going to walk half way across Midway. But she was not happy with the stroller she wanted out to walk by herself and let us know that in no uncertain terms.  Once we got through security though we found a corner of chairs and let her climb and look out the window. Being good flyers we had about 2 hours to wait for out flight so I grabbed us some coffee and snacks and settled into a long wait with a somewhat cranky toddler (who would not have been cranky if she had not decided that 5 am was the best time to get up this morning). Then the gods smiled on us, a nice man by the name of Scott working for Southwest approached us. There was a plane leaving for Chicago in 20 minutes, and it had plenty of room, would we like to leave early? Yes, oh god please yes! Scott who was becoming more good looking by the minute printed us out new boarding passes and got out luggage switched (which we so did not care about at that point, we would have come back). So instead of spending two hours running after the bug we landed in Chicago an hour and a half early, with our luggage. The only down side was I had to leave my hardly drunk Starbucks because I could foresee the tragedy that would be me with a squirmy toddler on a plane with hot coffee. But oh Scott if you ever read this I love you and I may be convinced to leave my husband for you especially since he whined about getting me some ice cream after dinner, I mean he did it but he whined about it. I know that you would run out to get me whatever I wanted, with a smile on your face. In other news I also love Southwest now too, especially since it seems they have more leg room now, thanks guys all of us tall people appreciate it. Well this is just an update and now I must go to sleep because my daughter woke me at an insane hour of the morning and she has no remorse, maybe I will dream of Scott, bring me Starbucks and rubbing my feet.


PS- I have in no way been paid or given anything by Southwest or Scott who works for Southwest. But good service should be rewarded, so good job Columbus airport people!



  1. Score! No one ever accommodates me on airplane trips – they’re more likely to cancel my flight. I wish I were in Chicago…Midway is less than a mile from where I grew up.

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