Posted by: mountainmomma18 | July 31, 2009

I’m back baby!

No I am not dead and yes I am a slacker, but honestly 1000 miles in a week and a half is a little much for anyone, not just a mom running after a toddler and dealing with family. I shouldn’t say that though it makes it sound like I do not love my family or my in laws and it is so not like that. I adore my in laws actually, which is odd because I know there are a lot of women out there who do not get along with their mother in law, I am not one of them. And I love my own mother dearly as well, she is an amazing person. It’s just that I think mothers especially have a very hard time recognizing that their children are actually adults and actually are in charge of another human being. I do not want this to sound angry because I am not, but my vacation was also a bit frustrating as I listened to everyone tell me what to do with my child. Now maybe I am over reacting but since I gave birth to her and have kept her alive for over 17 months, I think I have at least a partial handle on this kid thing. Also in the thirty plus years since my husband and I were children things have changed. For example I am not worried about the bug’s paci, it’s a source of comfort for her and it will not harm her teeth. That may have been the thought in 1977 we know now that’s BS. Look, if she still has that thing when she is 5, then we can revisit the situation, until then let’s leave the paci alone. The bug will also not drink juice. I have tried giving it to her as a small splash in some water. She will not tolerate even a small splash. You know what I think about that? Not much, I really don’t care since too much since too much juice is not a good thing, but the way that everyone keeps pushing juice on her you would think she has a major juice deficiency. And this is why I have not blogged while I was gone visiting family, because I was afraid that I would only blog about well meaning but somewhat annoying family discussions about what to do with my kid. But in waiting I can reflect on all the fun we had while visiting our family, like the county fair and cookouts. But more on that tomorrow, tonight I go to bed early.



  1. I think I shocked my MIL when I told her that juice has almost as much sugar as pop (or soda, if you choose), so it wasn’t really worthwhile to give it to your child. She replied with something about the vitamins and minerals, but I told her that if your child likes to eat fruit, like mine does, then juice is just extra sugar. My girl loves her juice, but she gets about 1 – 2 oz of juice a day, and lots of water.

  2. All that un-asked for advice is too annoying!

    My pediatrician said juice is really bad for children. Should be only for parties or special occasions.

  3. I had to break my mother of the juice habit with my eldest. You’d think I was telling her that I was going to stop feeding him food or something.


    Good to have you back.

  4. The juice thing is total BS and one of those things people are fixated with that is actually really not a good idea. . Then the kid gets used to drinking things with flavor, even worse sweet stuff, instead of water, which is really what the body needs for hydration.
    And the paci… we just got rid of it a couple of months ago, around the time Stella turned 3. As long as it’s not an all-day and all-night thing, I don’t see the problem.

    At any rate, people need to mind thier business. You are the mom and people should just shut up unless you are actually *asking* for parenting tips. Ah, wishful thinking. People love to share their opinion without being asked 😉

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