Posted by: mountainmomma18 | August 3, 2009

My kid thinks that we’re idiots

So at 17.5 months the bug does have a lot of words, and she picks new ones up, it seems, every day, but it’s not like she can string together a sentence, ok it’s not like she can string together an English sentence, but she does seem to have her own language. And while to us the bug’s language may seem a mis-mash of grunts, baby babbling and shrieking, it seems to her that she is in fact speaking. She walks around all day talking to me in this made up language that has rules, punctuation and inflection. The vast majority of the time I have no idea what she is trying to say, although occasionally she will drop in an English word and I can get the gist. She also loves to talk on the phone to her grandma’s and tell them all about her day in this buggy language. Of course the husband and I find this delightful (hey we have one child, and she is still young, give us a few years and a few more kids and her speaking real words and I am sure the delightfulness will wear off), but the bug often gets frustrated when we don’t get what she is trying to say and it’s not because she can’t communicate with us, it seems to be because she thinks we are idiots who do not understand her. For example the following happened last week: The bugs runs up to me: The bug: Mama, tikki blade shoo shoo boo. Me: Really? What else? The bug with a sigh and slowing down a bit: Mama, tikki blade shoo shoo boo. Me: Wow that is some story kiddo. The bug now begins to lose patience with me and after another big sigh continues very slowly for my idiot benefit: Mama, tikki blade shoo shoo boo. Me: Well that’s just rude. To watch this is hysterical as you can see her frustration at speaking to obvious morons who cannot understand simple buggy speak. So for now the bugs thinks we are obviously stupid, I can only imagine that this does not bode well for the teenage years.



  1. My youngest also thinks we are idiots. She speaks English with her father and Dutch to me, and she will say something to one of us, and then translate for the other, as if we don’t know the other language. Even if the word is the same, with a slightly different pronunciation.

  2. Yeah, especially because teens have their own language…

    My son didn’t really talk in sentences for a long time. Even now at almost three I often have a hard time understanding him. I’m the same way you are — wow, that’s something, honey, great! What else can you say?!

  3. My girl talks. Nonstop. From “Mama, I’m ready to get up,” to “Night night.” There is no break on some days – she even spends her whole nap time talking to her stuffed animals. But when she’s saying something that I don’t understand, she just keeps repeating it louder and louder. I guess I’m deaf instead of an idiot.

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