Posted by: mountainmomma18 | August 6, 2009


Remember when you were young and running around playing some made up game with the neighborhood kids and you completely screwed up, or fell, or whatever and you got to call a do over? I so want one of them, what do adults call those moments? A muligan? If so, I want one and if I could do the last 24 hours again I would appreciate it. Ok, maybe I am being a bit melodramatic, nothing horrible happened, it was just trying and exhausting and at the end of the day, very messy. Let’s begin yesterday afternoon. The husband had an appointment at school and I needed to do some filing in my office so the bug and I tagged along. I did not get much done as my old putting chairs in front of the open door did not stop my daughter who, in just a few months, has learned to climb over and wiggle below all obstacles to escape. Why did I not just close the door? Because I am an idiot and did not think of that until later. Anyway, the husband went came back from his meeting and we decided to take a walk to the bookstore to get a soda. All was well until we got to the front steps of the building, stairs that are, for some reason marble like, and it had been raining. You know where this is going; I bit it, big time. But that is not all, I was carrying the bug when it happened because, and get this, I was afraid that she would fall on the slippery stairs. Fortunately I was able to keep her close to my body as my feet came out from under me and I fell on my back. So there I am lying on the ground while the bug starts to scream. The husband grabs her up and I start yelling from the ground because I still cannot get up, “is she ok?” She is, I took the brunt of the fall, but she does have a small bruise on her back and I fell horribly guilty. This is of course not helped by all of the bruises I have all over my body. But I’m ok, sore but ok. And the day only got better from there because later that afternoon I changed a poopy diaper, which should be no big deal because I do this daily. Except this time I must have gotten some poop on my hand, and then not thinking pushed some hair behind my ear, which means I got poop in my hair. Which is not the worst of it, I then walked around with poop in my hair for over an hour until my husband pointed it out. I spent the hour smelling something and looking for a wayward diaper and smelling the bugs butt, and all of that time it was me. Today got even better as the bug had some digestive issues and smelled all day. So I was paying special attention to the code brown situation so I could deal with it immediately, but I guess I slacked off. The bug sat down right in front of me as she rolled her leapfrog alphabet bus and since she was RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME, I figured she could not get into much trouble, so I took the opportunity to answer a few emails from work and when I looked down again, like two minutes later she had one side of her diaper open and was playing with the poop, more than playing, more like finger painting. And in case you think I was really asking for it, taking my eyes off a toddler even for a few minutes, even if she was right in front of me, let me point out that my husband was also sitting in the chair RIGHT NEXT TO ME. So yeah two adults, parents even, were not enough to detract one toddler from going all Jackson Pollack with the contents of her diaper. That’s it, I would like a do-over please, give me a mulligan.



  1. Oh, what a couple of days.

  2. Ouch. Fortunately, my daughter has never been interested in her diaper contents!

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