Posted by: mountainmomma18 | August 8, 2009

Deep thoughts, without Jack Handy because that guy owes me money.

Signs that the bug may have been switched at birth with my real child:

  1. She has very little hair, I was born with a head full of thick curly hair. My husband says that this is normal for babies on his side of the family, I am not convinced.
  2. She likes Brussels sprouts.
  3. She has always been a skinny little thing.
  4. She likes walking around outside without shoes on, in the grass. Yuck, things live there!
  5. She has huge blue eyes and the longest lashes I have ever seen.
  6. She has no interest in picking up her toys.


Signs that the bug is in fact my child:

  1. What little hair she has is curly, very curly.
  2. She is, as one of our friends commented, the most willful child I have ever met.
  3. She is not to be deterred once she has her mind set on something.
  4. She has no fear and will run head first into any situation.
  5. She is very, very, stubborn.
  6. When her toys do not do what she wants them to she screams at them.
  7. She loves chocolate.
  8. She is a flirt.
  9. She loves to shop.
  10. She is always trying to pick up purses and carry them around.


  1. So she’s not exactly a Mini Me, huh? Hey, I’m still trying to figure out if our oldest is really related to my husband or me. Because he can’t possibly have gotten that stubbornness or temper from us.

  2. The hair thing drives me crazy. Both my girls had TONS of hair, and dark hair. I was practically bald until I was 18 months old. It’s a good thing they both look so much like me, or I would have sworn that my first was switched in the hospital (no chance of that with number 2)!

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