Posted by: mountainmomma18 | August 19, 2009

A shout out to my peeps, all three of you!

So I have to apologize in advance because for the next few weeks posts are going to be spotty, and by that I mean not everyday, maybe every other day. Why? Well because school is starting of course. No more sitting around all day in my pajamas and long walks to the park, now it’s back to work. I am not upset by this prospect; I am one of those annoying people who really, really likes her job. And I have an awesome job that let’s me be a part time stay at home mom, but the flip side is that even when I’m home I have work to do. The two hours when the bugs naps I grade papers and the evenings and weekends are set aside for prepping lectures, returning emails and other administrative stuff, which does not leave a lot of time for blogging. But the craziness usually dies down after the first few weeks, so while I know my three readers will be disappointed not to hear me rant about something everyday, I know that you will survive. Also while I may have some good student/faculty diatribes I will not share them, cause I do not think that is cool and also I like my job and would like to keep it. So this past weekend we went back to Columbus on the pretense of picking up my mother in law from the airport. And sorry about this but I think my mother in law is awesome, and thus I really have no stories about her- which is what probably makes her awesome. She decided to come in and help us out this week as we rush from meeting to meeting and write syllabi. But this was also a chance to do a little back to school shopping at some of the awesome malls in Columbus. And I have to say this; before I had been to Columbus, OH I didn’t think much about it. It was Ohio for god’s sake, what could they have to offer. I am jaded, I am used to Chicago. But I had to eat those words because Columbus has some incredible shopping and a kick ass zoo! And since it is only a few hours away and it is much less expensive to fly out of their airport then the capitol of the mountain state (and what the hell is that about? I mean for fuck’s sake this is the damn capitol!! Shouldn’t we at least have a drive through Starbucks? And an Old Navy? Is that too much to ask?). Anyway, Columbus is cool, just so you know. We also had no problems at the Columbus airport. I was a bit worried walking in that they may have my picture up in the skycab lounge and someone would tackle me, but no I guess I looked normal enough to get by. So I do not even have a good story to tell you this time. I do have some news, but I can not share it yet, so I will totally tease you with it until I can! Cause that’s how I roll.



  1. A friend of mine has family in Columbus. I went with her to visit, and I was impressed by their drive through convenience stores. Now that’s convenient.

    Glad you haven’t been banned from the airport!

  2. Yay! Teaching! I love teaching. Have fun!

  3. I have never been to Columbus, but I went to Chicago for Blogher and I wish I could have stayed longer! It’s a beautiful city.

    No drive through Starbucks is still better than no Starbucks ate all 😉

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