Posted by: mountainmomma18 | August 22, 2009

I love a bad attitude

So I think some things are hereditary and this one I totally got from my dad. In addition to my curly hair, stubbornness and the kind of face that makes total strangers tell me their deepest secrets, I also received a genetic preposition to enjoy moxy, which is a nice way of saying people that are sometimes just a little bit crazy, or maybe just have a bad attitude. Now I’m not talking about that surly teenager swimming in a sea of angst, but someone with a sort of Jack Nicholson in Five Easy Pieces bad attitude. I don’t know why but there is something about a person who literally doesn’t give a rat’s ass what you think about them, not just paying lip service to that idea, but really and truly do not care. I love people who thumb their nose at cultural mores with a fuck you; I’m not hurting anyone so I’ll do what I want. I mean sometimes these people can be annoying, but most of the time they are more awesome than the Beatles (stop freaking out I don’t mean that literally, I’m using hyperbole for dramatic effect). I mean history is full of these kinds of people who change the way we view, well everything, from music to film to social ideology. Below are some of my favorites, but only a few, cause I will return to this later:


Alice Paul- Suffragist of the early 20th century Alice Paul took the fight for suffrage for women to Congress, fighting for an Amendment to the Constitution that would give women the right to vote. She was radical and stubborn, she saw that the polite way of lecturing and petitioning was not working, so she got baddass. She picketed the White House with fuck you Mr. Wilson signs even after World War I had been declared. And when they arrested her for obstructing traffic she refused to pay the fine and went on a hunger strike in prison during which time they force fed her and the other women in the prison, which is where we get the term Iron Jawed Angels. But in the end she won, and once women had the vote she went on to fight for the Equal Rights Amendment until her death in the 70’s.


Paul Watson- who you can see on the Discovery Channel at the helm of the Steve Irwin and the crew of the Sea Shepherd. For the last 30 years Paul has fought illegal whaling. Well technically the Japanese fleet says that what they are doing is legal, cause they can kill some whales for research, but they set their own quota, and the quota they set for themselves is 1000 whales. Yes they say that they need to kill 1000 whales, for research. And if you buy that then I know this Nigerian Prince who would like your email. Anyway, Paul was kicked out of Greenpeace for being too radical, that, in and of itself, is awesome. Well one story is that he left; another is that he was asked to leave. I mean you have to be one badass radical if Greenpeace is too soft for you. Don’t worry I am not leaving to join the boat, I get sea sick and I do not think you could get a cheeseburger on that ship.

Natalie Maines- the lead singer of the Dixie Chicks. Now I always thought that she would be the kind of woman who knew how to have a good time and as the only country music I listen to, I have always been partial to her. And then she tells a London audience that she is ashamed that then President Bush is from Texas, and the shit storm begins. Now it is not what she said that puts her on this list, it’s how she handled herself when it hit the fan. She never backpeddled, she never apologized. Even as fans burned her albums she stood by what she said if only because as an American citizen she has the right to say it. If you have not seen the documentary Shut Up and Sing, go get it now because it is awesome. Maines never backs down, sees the situation as a spring board to get back to the music that she loved and then writes a slap down of an anti-apology with I’m ready to make nice. I love it.

That’s enough for today, more to come… wish me luck for the first week of school.



  1. Hey, how is that first week of school going? As you may know, I am having serious mommy brain at the complete wrong time of the year.

    Anyway, I’d rather have the kind of face that makes people tell you their secrets rather than the kind of face I have, which makes everyone think you are someone else or reminds everyone of someone they used to know.

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