Posted by: mountainmomma18 | August 30, 2009

Yesterday I bought a pink potty…yeah that is not a typo

Not only is it pink, it is a pink princess potty, that makes “royal noises” when someone (ostensibly your child) goes into it as a reward. I have not heard all of the reward sounds as of yet, but the husband has volunteered to pee into the thing so we can check it out. Now the purchasing of this pink princess potty is not the highlight of my week, mostly because the bug is only 18 months and should not be ready for a potty, but after she brought me a diaper (ok, she brought four) to change her because she was dirty, I could not ignore the signs anymore. And by signs I mean the crotch grabbing she does when she has a dirty diaper and wants you to change it. Right now she thinks it’s cool, she likes to sit on it in the living room watching Mickey Mouse Club, which is actually I think a fantasy of my husbands. I mean a toilet in the living room in front of the TV, complete with HD channels and his X-box 360? It’s a dream come true. The plan is at this point just to introduce the potty and she how she takes to it, she’s pretty young as it is and I do not believe in forcing the potty situation, well unless your kid is like 6, then you should really get it together, I mean I do not know if they even make pull ups that big. My crazy sister in law, not that one, this one is married to the husband’s brother, anyway she is high strung. Actually I shouldn’t say that, it may come across as an insult to high strung people, I guess I do not have adjectives enough to describe how over controlling she actually is, as well as more than a little OCD. Her son refused to be potty trained, I think because it was the last thing he could control and it drove his mother crazy. He even went so far as to put a diaper on himself. But I think that is what happens when you live in a better homes and garden house in which you cannot spill. She is much better since she started seeing someone, and thank god because she was a pill to take at family get-togethers as she would freak about stuff I saw as no big deal. My niece, her daughter is about three months older than the bug and thus they often end up playing together (or rather near each other). This is when I would get “Oh my gosh, the niece is sucking on the bug’s paci” or “oh my gosh they are sharing a sippy.” This would elicit and shrug from me cause you know, who cares? I also let my kid play in the dirt and get dirty; she probably thinks I am the worst mother in the world. I have tried to care, but I just can’t so we move on. She on the other hand would look at me like I was crazy, didn’t I care about germs. Finally I had to say something along the lines of “you know if we turned our backs for like two minutes they would probably lick each other.” She did not think that was as funny as I did.

So where was I? Oh yeah the pink potty. I am introducing it to the bug and we will take this nice and slow. My mom says that I was potty trained by 18 months and I think that explains a lot, so you know no pushing. The first week of school was a lot like buying the pink princess potty, emotionally draining and it made me have to pee. But that is true of every first week, it’s chaos, but things will soon slow down, and maybe I can concentrate on the potty mission, although right now the bug is wearing a swim diaper as we wait for the husband to get back from the store, no matter what anyone tells you they are not like real diapers, believe me I have already been peed on once.  He better get back before she does the other, I may be in trouble here.



  1. I bought the potty at around 18 months. Then I bought the seat for the regular toilet a few months ago. Now, we’re now approaching 3 and are having daily arguments about using the potty. She finds it easier to pee in a diaper. She stopped pooping in diapers a couple months ago, but has recently made a point about how she will not take being forced into potty training by pooping in the pull-ups. Oh well, back to bribery…

    My husband is the germophobe in our house. I’m not worried about it – she’ll be healthier for eating a little dirt here and there. I do, however, object to the little menace drinking her bathwater.

  2. Alex is just so not ready yet. We trained Ben and I’m ANXIOUSLY watching the signs and it’s just not happening. Yet.


  3. We had the same signs around eighteen months, but it didn’t happen. Now my daughter’s twenty-one months and did her first poo on the potty today. It may well have been an accident, though, as she did one in her nappy later on in the day as well.

    My mother always told me I was potty trained at around fifteen months, but I don’t believe her. My health nurse child person (yeah, that’s a translation 🙂 ) told me not to potty train too early because it would make her stingy. I kid you not.

  4. Good luck with the potty! We started at 18 months too. It went OK, nice and slow like you said, for a while. Then my son wanted nothing to do with it. He’s going to be three and I don’t even think “royal noise” would tempt him to sit on a potty.

  5. oh man, those moms drive me crazy. relax, for cryin’ out loud! They are kids, not robots. Gah.

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