Posted by: mountainmomma18 | September 13, 2009

Good times…..

So I am glad that the cat is out of the bag so to say because all of my stories lately have to do with the new little bun in the oven. I am feeling like crap of course. With the bug the all day sickness (cause just morning sickness is so passé’) started around week 6, so I was well prepared that it would be about the same with this one. But when week 6 came and went and there was still no nausea I began to be optimistic, maybe this one would be different, maybe I would escape all the wonderful throwing up (although to be fair I rarely puked, I just always felt like I was about to), and as week 6 melted into week 7 and week 8 I actually had the audacity to think I was going to escape unscathed. Of course you know where all of this is going, I woke up on Tuesday with that old familiar feeling, and it sucks. I did the same thing that I did when I was pregnant with the bug, I tried everything that they tell you to try even though I knew that they didn’t work then and they wouldn’t work now. And now I can’t afford to play the hero, which means lying on the couch and whining as the husband brings me what every sounds good. Now I have a toddler, and a full time job and no time to lay on the couch and whine, and believe me I have tried. So I called my ob’s office for something, actually for the awesome stuff that they gave me when I was pregnant with the bug and losing a lot of weight because I could not eat. But instead they gave me some other crap that, guess what makes me even more nauseas? Oh yeah, just what I needed. And then someone at work let me in on a little secret. It seems that 25mg of B-6 and half a Unisom actually works, I mean really and truly lets me eat and work and run after the bug without feeling like I am going to puke on them all. Which I am sure that they enjoy. So I am calling again tomorrow and demanding, or rather asking nicely because these people have the drugs, that they give me something else because the last thing a mommie needs is to be more nauseous. They should do as I ask, they are nice people, even if they did send me home with something I peed on, without telling me, which I let sit in the car in 90 degree heat, all day. Yeah good times. So after my first appointment which was fun, because this is not my first time at this rodeo they gave me a bag with some baby magazines in it and other forms, you know cause when you are an expectant mom you so do not have enough stuff telling you that sushi will disfigure your baby. I had to high tail it to my first class so I didn’t really look in the bag and left it in the car all day, then I tried to go home, and the car spelled, like pee. I thought it was a wayward diaper, but a search of the car turned up nothing. I opened the windows and the sunroof and headed home. It wasn’t until after we had but the bug to bed that I looked through the bag the ob’s office gave me that I find a pregnancy test, in a Ziplock bag. I have no idea what the hell the office was thinking giving me a pregnancy test to take home. Was I supposed to scrapbook it? Maybe decoupage the thing and hang it in the nursery? Needless to say that got through out right away and the car got freebreezed. In the words of a very good friend of mine who is currently walking a picket line, “good times”.



  1. Nausea sucks. Good luck finding something that helps. You know if you’re really sick, you should get a few days off work, right? It’s ok. (I forgot about that until I vomited up blood – then I took a day. You should take a day before it gets that bad.)

  2. I never really had much nausea – it was only a week or so that everything (including soap and shampoo) smelled bad. You make me very thankful for that.

    Hope your nausea goes away soon!

  3. OMG a hot pee filled car made ME nauseous! tee hee

    Congratulations on the new sprout!

  4. Blech. That made me nauseous thinking about it and I am SO not pregnant. Just on all kinds of nausea inducing drugs.

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