Posted by: mountainmomma18 | September 16, 2009

This happens at my house all the time/ or conversations I have had with my husband this week

While watching Quarantine:

Me: Wow this chick is annoying.

The husband: Yeah I can’t wait until she gets eaten.


While watching some random TV:

The husband: So can a woman be a douche?

Me: Why not? Gender equality and all.

The husband: Well, good, than that one is a douche.


After some news:

The husband: Now there is no one to get baby from a corner.

Me: What?

The husband: Baby will have to stay in a corner forever.

Me: Patrick Swazye died?


Over Dinner

The husband: Please, I know exactly what you would do.

Me: You must be mistaken because you, in fact, do not know me.

The husband: I think that’s supposed to be “u dont know me” with a head snap

Me: Oh yeah, let’s pretend I said that.



  1. Hahahahahaha!

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