Posted by: mountainmomma18 | October 6, 2009

My fun party conversation

So have I told you that I love my job, I mean I really, really enjoy my job. I like my job in the if I win the $170 million powerball I would still go to work, I would just donate my salary back to the school way.  I mean I love books and talking so the fact that someone actually pays me to talk about books all day still floors me. And yeah it was a lot of hard work to get the PhD, but I did enjoy it even though I wish it would have paid better. And on the whole I enjoy my students and colleagues, I mean there are some days I have to try really, really hard not to go all stabby on someone, but you know every job has that. What I do not like about my job is some other people’s reaction to it. One would think that I would love to tell people what I do for a living, but I actually dread that part of meeting new people when they ask you what you do for a living, cause some people can be absolute asshats when it come to a proper response. I guess they were raised by wolves because my manners say that no matter what someone says they do, even if they like embalm people for a living, the proper response is : “wow that sounds so interesting/fun/cool” and maybe ask a follow up question. But for the love of god and all that is holy you say something polite. But no, when that question happens to me the response falls into one of two categories and its split 50/50. People either say “cool” or start making an ass of themselves to “show you” how smart they are, and how so not smarter than them you are. Honestly it is annoying, because I don’t give a tiny rat’s ass what you do for a living, and while I probably know more about books than your average person, that’s about it. But without fail either way, I usually get some form of the statements below:

  1. Oh have you read some (random, always random) book? No? (disappointed look). Dude I have not read every book ever published, sorry.
  2. Oh I better watch my grammar! Yeah unless someone pays me to care about your grammar, I do not care about your grammar.
  3. Well you’re not a real doctor. By that I assume that you mean that I do not hold a medical degree that is true. But I do hold a doctorate in literature, which technically makes me a Dr. But again unless you are in my class there will probably not arise a situation in which you need to refer to me that way. But thanks for the sentiment.
  4. Wow I always wondered what people who majored in English did, I guess unless you go to grad school it is a pretty useless degree. Why thank you for completely dismissing what I do for a living. I guess since I don’t ask if you want fries with that I am totally not helping humanity.
  5. I was going to go to grad school, but the earning potential just wasn’t there, how do you live on what you make? Oh look at that, you’re a douche, isn’t that nice. I have to ask you how much money you need, cause I make a good living. I mean it’s not champagne and caviar every night, but we’re good. Oh but I forgot you’re douche who for some reason feels the need to be better than everyone else. And now I am now looking for someone more interesting to talk too.
  6. I started grad school (law, med ect) but the profs didn’t like me because I was too smart. I was smarter than them and they were jealous. Yeah dude that happens all the time.  I could go on, but hey why don’t I introduce you to this nice guy, he makes a lot of money and would like to tell you all about it.


  1. You should try being a (voluntary) drop-out from a PhD program who then went to be a teacher and then a stay-at-home-mum. Now laughs can be had when people ask you what you do. Generally, I get conversations that make me want to poke my eyes out with a stick.

  2. Really? People comment on your salary? Are they 25 or something? Because that’s the last time I remember being interested in what anyone else was making (actually it was more like 23, but just in case I was rude longer…). Wow. However, I would possibly make some sort of rude remark about being lucky to have found something that isn’t cab driving or coffee serving…or, even more horrible, advertising! But only when I knew you well enough to determine how you would receive that sort of comment…

    I have one of those trendy careers, and everyone always says “Oh, that’s so cool” when they hear what I do. I usually respond with “Yeah, you’d think so, but every job becomes routine after a while.” No, I’m really not very good at small talk.

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