Posted by: mountainmomma18 | October 7, 2009

I totally got peed on the other day

And here I thought those day were gone, well at least until April when a new little one will spend months on end making me change clothes four times a day. Or maybe not cause one time when the bug was new the husband came home one day and asked me what was on my shirt, it was baby puke, I have no idea how long it had been there and I did not care.  But I guess these are the war wound sof potty training. Although I should not say training because the bug is only 19 months old and I do not want to push the whole potty thing. Instead every time I go to the bathroom I ask the bug if she wants to sit on her potty, which she always does cause the thing is pink and looks like a throne. We also sit her on it before and after her bath. And this is when I got peed on, but that is not the funny part of the story, because I have been peed on many a time. Not only by my own kid, but for some reason every niece and nephew has peed on me. I have no idea why.  Before I had a kid I would be a little grossed out, but would never let on, especially since my one crazy sister in law would take that as a personal parenting failure. But then you have your own kid and you’re like, oh look I just got peed on in the most nonchalant way because really you are so sleep deprived and over having bodily fluids all over you that it just becomes part of the day. You know, wake up, feed the baby, have some coffee, get peed on, feed the baby rinse and repeat. But it could be worse, the husband always gets pooped on, which I find endlessly funny. But back to my story. It was after bath and the bug sat on her potty talking away. She seemed to be done so I picked her up and felt my leg get wet. I thought it was just bath water until I looked down and saw some pee in the potty. We were very excited and did a little pee pee dance there in the bathroom when it hit me. Dude I think I picked her up while she was still peeing and it is now on my leg. The husband found this very funny. Oh well, no biggie, I will just throw the bug in some PJ’s and change my pants (cause I am one of those people who gets home and gets right into comfy pants cause why play the hero?) and we will be good to go. Except that in the midst of getting on PJ’s, and reading a story and singing a bed time song and making sure the bug had her blankie and bunny I forgot all about it. It wasn’t until much later while I was trying to watch House that the husband looked over at me zonked out on the couch and asked “Are you still wearing the pee pants?” Yep, I was. I shrugged, they had dried, what? And I know what you’re thinking, there has to be a line right? But lay off and quit your judging you whore, I am pregnant and tired but I will still give a smack down, or probably not because I way too tired to get off the couch. And my husband had the same thoughts, but being a smart man he just ran upstairs to get me some new pants, he’s a good man. But probably also just did not want to go to bed with some pee pants, cause I was not prepared to get up in the middle of House and I would most likely have forgotten again and there I would be, blissfully asleep, still wearing some pee pants.



  1. My daughter did not spit up much. However, I think every time she has vomited, she vomits on me at some point. It’s good when my husband’s there (which he isn’t always) because then he can clean the floor and hold her while I go take a shower. She doesn’t usually get my clothes, she usually gets my clothes, her clothes, the towel that I have sitting nearby for these emergencies, and my skin and hair. So, yeah, pretty much any time a bodily fluid of my daughter’s touches me, a shower is required.

    If it was just my pants, I would probably have forgotten about it too.

  2. LOL – the silver lining? The bug peed in the potty! While Stella, who is 3, has reverted to no potty land since the move 😦

  3. Bwahahaha! I would be wearing them too. This is totally why we’re friends.

  4. I’ve been peed on many times, too. And vomited on, and pood on. And spat on. And wiped snot on.

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