Posted by: mountainmomma18 | October 16, 2009

This is not how I want to celebrate Halloween

So there is this store downtown which sits right on a main street, and at this time of the year I dread going by, actually I find other ways to the mall between Oct. and January. Why? Because I get totally creeped out. You seem this store is, oh how to put it delicately, a monument store. No? Ok, you forced me to spell it out, it is a store that sells headstones. Of course this is really not the creepy part, there have to be headstone stores, where else would people get headstones? I know that no one wants to think of that, but you know taxes and death being the only sure things in life and all. But what is creepy, what makes me drive the long way around is that the monument store decorates for the holidays. And I do not mean that they put up some tasteful Happy Whatever sign and let it be, no they go all out. Right now they have hung fake spider webs, orange pumpkin lights, scary cats and broom leaned up against headstones – their showroom floor looks exactly like a movie set cemetery. I have to ask why the hell they would do this. I know that that big showroom looks out over a busy street, but do they really think this will drum up business for them? And really if you are a headstone salesman does your business every slow down? Halloween is not the worst though, oh no not by far. For Christmas they have a whole Christmas Carol think with Ebenezer Scrooge and all of the ghosts. At least they didn’t put some happy blinking twinkle lights up, but still. I guess that I expect a place selling headstones would have a little bit of decorum, but I would be wrong. I just do not know how those decorations help their clients when they come in. I would guess people coming to buy a headstone are not in the best of mood, maybe they don’t want Casper making noises at them or a fake hand grabbing at their hand. But oh, I have saved the best for last. Randomly during the year they decorate the window facing headstones with happy birthday messages. At any time you can look over and see “Happy Sweet 16 Lucy!” all over a headstone. I just have to ask who thinks this is a good idea. And how do you feel if you are the person whose birthday is all over some headstone that everyone can see as they drive by. Do you send a thank you card for that?



  1. I’m all for having a little fun at work, but that does seem a little weird.

  2. That is ridiculous. And SO inappropriate.

  3. That is way creepy. Just plain weird. Someone has no tact.

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