Posted by: mountainmomma18 | October 18, 2009

Being pregnant is awesome (that is sarcasm people)

I have to admit that we had the best day yesterday. We went down to this place that is a cool farmer’s market/food co-op that changes according to season for a pumpkin feast for the kids. We invited a few friends and a great time was had by all. These friends have a little girl about 6 weeks older than the bug and are expecting their second as well, about a week after us. We totally do not plan these things, but we do think it’s funny. It is nice to be able to compare pregnancies and kids with someone else my age, although she tends to get a little competitive over stuff, like she was really beside herself because her daughter did not have teeth until she was a year old, really I mean it’s teeth how the hell can you control that? My kid has very little hair; it does drive me a little crazy only because I want to buy her cute barrettes, but since there is not much I can do about that I am not too bothered.

But we were having a good time comparing the obnoxious comments people make to pregnant women. I do not know what it is about normal people but their foot seems to go right to their mouth when it comes to making small talk with pregnant people. Which seems odd to me because the person who you should really mind your manners around is a hormonal and nauseous woman, but there you have it. Honestly I do not remember people being too obnoxious around me the first time around, but I think that may be because you are in your own world you really don’t pay much attention. But the second time around things are a little different. So anyway, here are our favorites:

  1. I bet you are hoping for a boy this time!- never ask people what gender they want their yet unborn child to be, it’s obnoxious and rude. Cause even if they are secretly hoping for one or the other they are not going to admit it to you because they know that you would just judge them- yeah I’m talking to you, you know it’s true. Also there are parents who do not care, really, I’m one of them. My response to this is: Well I want three kids so this one’s a gimme- that usually shuts people up.
  2. How is your daughter taking it? – First you should think about the age of the older child when asking this question, cause when people say this to me I give them a look- you know the look that says, she doesn’t think much of it because she is 20 months old. Serious I asked her if she wanted a baby brother or sister and she gave me a quizzical look and said “no, juice.” So that’s it, no baby, just some juice please because that is how your mind works when you are 20 months old! And even if said child is old enough to have an opinion, what if that opinion is not good? People aren’t going to tell you that either, you know cause of the judging (see #1)- also what would you say if the parent in question told you something weird and freaky? Too much knowledge is sometimes a bad thing.
  3. Wow you are popping out so early. – if you choose to say this to a pregnant woman I would make sure that you do it from a distance from which she cannot slug you, cause you would deserve it. Believe me, we know exactly what we look like and yes, indeed we have started to show early, but that would probably be because this is our second child, for me it is the second time I have been pregnant in two years. And no we do not need you to point that out, thanks anyway though.
  4. Wow you’re having another one? – dude this is my second child, I mean I’m not Michelle Duggar, I’m not in double digits yet. Two children is not a crazy number, but wait I want three or four- so give me that surprised look now, and thank you for letting me know that kids are expensive because that information is new to me.

What are your favorites?



  1. It is beyond me who people don’t seem to have anything non-rude to say to pregnant women. A simple “You look great!” will go a long way, people.

    My favorite is: “you should be more careful” when I’m doing something completely normal and innocuous like getting on the tram or taking a stroll with my daughter.

    Or people who just approach you and touch your belly. Hello, did I say you could touch me? There will be NO touching of the belly, people. Especially if I don’t know you.

  2. You know, I was never upset by any of these comments/questions. I suppose it just depends on who you’re talking to. I would just be happy to talk about stuff.

    I’ll remember not to ask you any of these things, though. 😉 Don’t want to get slugged.

  3. Ha. People are weird, aren’t they? I got a lot of people talking to me when I was pregnant with Alex, not so much with Mimi. Weird how that works.

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