Posted by: mountainmomma18 | November 30, 2009


Today should be the day that I explain my long absence from this blog, when I tell you all about how busy work has been as the semester ends, how we up and decided to move in the middle of all of this craziness especially as we packed up and headed on a family vacation to Florida, all right before the holidays, but instead I am writing to talk about how our second child was born sleeping last week. On November 21rst at 18 weeks 6 days pregnant my water broke while I was in Florida. I was taken by ambulance to the local hospital where an ultrasound showed that our baby has passed away about two weeks before. People keep asking me how we are and all I can answer with is numb. We were, I must admit, blindsided. Here I was in my second trimester of my second pregnancy that was progressing as smoothly as my first, we never saw this coming. The next few weeks will be filled with follow up appointments and testing that in the end will probably tell us nothing. It seems like this, like so many other things in life, will have no real answers. The best anyone has been able to tell us is it is just one of those things that happen. But there is hope, hope that we will have no trouble in the next pregnancy although I find it hard to even think about. Or maybe that is all that I can think about because the thought of never smelling the sweet breath of a baby would be too much for me to bear. The fact that we have a happy and healthy child is our hope that we will have more. But for now we are just concentrating on getting through Christmas and unpacking the new house before spring thaws out this cold.



  1. Oh, honey, oh, how awful! There’s not much I can say except I’m thinking of you and sending you a big hug. How awful for you! x

  2. Oh no. I’m so sorry. I will just say that my thoughts and prayers are with you, your husband, and your beautiful girls.

  3. Oh sweetie, I am so sorry. My heart hurts for you. I’m sending you love and light.


    They can help. Please.

  4. I am so sorry for your loss. I will keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers.

  5. Here from LFCA. I am so very sorry to hear about your loss. I suffered a similar one almost 2 years ago. If you ever want to talk or vent, please know I will sit with you and listen.

    Please try to take good care of yourself. Thinking of you and your family.


  6. I am so very sorry for your loss. You and your family are in my prayers.

  7. Could you please delete the last comment from Eric. . . . ? It was from me, and my husband was accidentally logged onto wordpress on my computer.

    I express all the same sentiments though. I’m really so sorry.

  8. What a devastating loss. I am beyond sorry. My prayers and thoughts are with you.

  9. Here from LCFA. I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your baby. Sending you thoughts of peace and healing.


  10. Here from LCFA…

    I am also so very, very sorry to hear of the loss of your precious baby. Whatever the explanation, I imagine that it really does not make it any easier. Please know that my family will be praying for you and your family to sustain the strength and energy to get through this painful time.

  11. I am so sorry praying for you and your family.

  12. Sorry doesn’t begin to express it. My heart aches for you and your family. Many thoughts of love and care,

  13. You are in my thoughts. This is so incredibly painful. I wish for you strength during this difficult time.


  14. I am so very sorry for your loss

  15. Hello from LFCA…*huge hugs* I lost my son at 18 weeks and was totally blindsided myself. No problems to speak of. I am so sorry. The most important thing especially during this holiday season is to be kind to yourself.

  16. Here from LFCA.

    I am so dreadfully sorry. There are really no other words.

    Like Sue says, please be gentle with yourself.

  17. Here from LFCA. My heart is just breaking for you. Our baby girl was stillborn this summer at 21w3d – you will love your baby forever. I hope that you find all of the support and love that you need right now – please let me know if you need anything at all.

  18. here from LFCA.

    we lost our daughter on 10/10 @ 19w6d so i am still reeling from that, so i know what you are going through and there are no words.

    The only thing that can be said is I am sorry. You are in my prayers.

  19. Here from LFCA

    I am so sorry.


  20. I’m here from LFCA. I just want to tell you how sorry I am for your loss. While I haven’t been in your shoes, as an OB nurse, I’ve seen it more times than I wish to discuss. I pray that you were treated with respect and love during your stay in Florida and that you’ll be able to recover from this quickly, both emotionally and physically.


  21. So so very sorry to hear this heartbreaking news.

    My thoughts and prayers are with you during this devastating time…

  22. I’m so sorry.

  23. Here from LFCA just wanting to express my sincere condolences on the loss of your beautiful baby. My heart is breaking for you. Please take care of you.

  24. I am so so sorry.

  25. My thoughts are with you. LFCA

  26. I am so, so unbelievably sorry.

  27. From LFCA… Sending hugs and prayers. We’ve lost three babies born too preterm to survive and it is devastating. Mourning your sweet little one with you.

  28. I am so, so sorry. There are no words.

  29. I am so very very sorry, I just cannot even fathom what you are going but the numbness is completely normal.

    May the impending holiday season bring with it peace for you and yours.


  30. I am so sorry. I am abiding with you and thinking of your little one.

  31. Oh, I’m so sorry. It’s so terrible to go from the highest of highs to the lowest of lows, I know. Of course you’re numb. I hope you and your family are healing a little bit each day and get the answers you need. {{{HUGS}}}


  32. Here from LFCA. I am so sorry for your loss.

  33. Beyond telling you I am so sorry for your loss…there are no words. And even those words do no justice to the feelings behind them. I feel your pain. I experienced a late loss as well and to say it sucks is such a dramatic understatement. Take care of yourself and feel peace in the moments that you can.

    Thinking of you and sending prayers your way.


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