Posted by: mountainmomma18 | January 22, 2010

We interrupt this silence to bring you words

So I took some time off that coincided closely with the Holidays and my school break. I would say it was a nice break, but since it was filled with the end of the semester madness, buying presents madness, unpacking boxes madness and a trip back up north where we were trapped for a few extra days because of snow it was a bit stressful. I did not do Christmas well this year, I did not get all of the decorations out, which is mostly because the house was in such a state of boxes piled against the wall that the tree and the mantel were about all I could handle. I did not send out cards because I did not get it together to do so before the actual day and so I hand delivered them to the family when we saw them and the cute picture of the bug went to waste. I also did not buy any presents until after Dec. 20th, some not even until after Christmas itself since we did a post December 25th tour of Illinois. Oh well, I am calling this year a wash and starting over again in 2010 (by the way have we all decided which way to pronounce this yet?). Every day is a little bit better and I am actually looking forward to trying again soon. The husband and I actually have a good plan which included my mom as babysitter and a small vacation, cause vacation sex is always better than the regular kind, I don’t know maybe it is the lack of baby monitors and sippy cups, but hotels are always an aphrodisiac. Of course it could actually be the fact that I do not have to clean the room which makes me so deliriously happy.  But enough about that because I doubt that you would like to hear about my sex life (or maybe you do, who am I to tell you you are a sick puppy?). but do not worry, my snark is returning and I have some great stories from the trip up north  I am writing up, so stay tuned for the return to obnoxious.



  1. I’m glad you had a break, madness or not. A vacation sounds good to me too.

    I’ve been wondering how you were, so I’m glad you posted!

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