Posted by: mountainmomma18 | February 8, 2010

This is actually my brother’s funny story but he doesn’t have a blog so I am stealing it

So I have written about my bat shit crazy sister in law, the one married to my brother, the one who made up two pregnancies? You remember, that one. Anyway, it’s not like I hate her or anything, I just think she’s a loon, but she is often entertaining. One of the things that I like about her is that she and my brother have the same sort of weird sense of humor with each other that my husband and I do. And while the husband and I play outrageous one upsmanship to the end of “and so you are completely useless” they play until one of them makes the other one laugh. And my sister in law is very, very good at it. She is stoic and does have a pretty cool I win dance that I have tried to copy on several occasions. So they also are two people who should not do that shit in front of other people, but they often do as it is part of the whole who can crack first thing they have going on and the winner gets to do a dance, my brother’s dance, though, is not very good, but that’s ok because most of the time he loses. And this is a boy who affected a twitch and limp to follow me through the mall when we were teenagers because he thought it was funny (not the you know physical disability, but the embarrassing his sister who so did not want to take her little brother to the mall to buy new shoes but as my mom said “I told you having your drivers license would not be all fun”. And cut the kid a break he was only 14).

So this story takes place right after my sister in law had my niece, which is not the optimal time to play this game, but to my brothers credit he did have to take advantage of any situation since he usually lost. But really at the time my sister in law was getting stitches in a place no one should have get stitches (we all know, most of us have been there), and my brother was trying to distract his wife so she was not thinking about it – you know namely thinking oouch….bastard get away from there do you know what I just pushed out of there? So anyway it starts with my brother:

“I hope this doesn’t take long, you need to finish those dishes I left in the sink and I have like only one pair of clean underwear left, so you need to do some laundry.”

Now from someone I did not know this would be jaw dropping, but since my brother is actually the one who does the dishes and the laundry it was meant to be funny. And my sister in law returned with:

“Yeah, I am super tired from you know giving birth, so you will need to breast feed the baby for the next few hours, oh and then go ahead and pump some milk for later- do you need some help getting them on your boobs?”

See I told you she was good at this game. And right there anyone in the room should have been in on the joke, but it seems the doctor was not. And really who could blame her she was concentrating very hard on stitches somewhere there should not be stitches (see above), but she perked up when the conversation had gone back and forth for awhile and my brother came up with the winning shot.

“Yeah, well I’m going to ask the doctor here to throw in a few extra stitches for funsies.”

And with that he won because my sister in law burst out laughing (although she contends the drugs had finally kicked in, and really who is not on her side there?) but my brother did not have time for his I win dance because the doctor kicked him out of the room. I mean she literally said “I think you should leave now sir; that is not happening.” This of course only makes my sister in law laugh harder which makes it impossible for her to explain to the doctor that they are in fact just joking as the nurse ushers my brother out of the room. Don’t worry, once my sister in law recovered from both the drugs and the laughing (which I am sure were related) she did explain to the doctor that she and my brother have a strange sense of humor and he was just trying to make her laugh. The doctor did not think it was very funny, neither did my mother who was horrified that my brother had been kicked out of the delivery room. But everyone else I know including me thinks that this story is hysterical. I guess my brother and I did not get our sense of humor from our mother.



  1. I would have laughed too – that is a pretty good one!

  2. That is very funny.

  3. That is an awesome game. Awesome post. I am lost, I have no idea where I am.

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