Posted by: mountainmomma18 | February 11, 2010

It’s a Trap

This is a PSA I am giving to women everywhere with the hope that you will be able to avoid the trap I have fallen into.

So you know when you are kind of pissed off at your husband- not super pissed off like you would like to run him over with the car but don’t because you love your car and do not want a dent- but mildly irritated because you told him about a problem that you have because of him and were totally willing to forgive him if he just showed some regret but then he doesn’t and he does say “sorry” but in a really flippant way? You do, great. Ok so when you are that kind of pissed off at your husband and you want him to know that you’re pissed but do not want to actually call him because that would give him the upper hand so you start a text argument with him because technology gives you so many way to be passive aggressive which is seriously great for your marriage, do not answer the phone when he texts you “this is stupid I am calling you.” Do you know why? Because it is a trap people.

Seriously if you answer that phone then he will be all “I am sorry that you did not like the tone that I used to apologize before” and you will be all “and there is the tone again right there because you are really not sorry at all.” And then he will somehow make it seem like he was really sorry and you are just cranky and started a passive aggressive argument through text because he is some sort of rhetorical genius. And then you will forget why you were pissed off to begin with because obviously your husband loves you enough to call you when you just want to yell at him electronically to make you see that really you are mad for no reason.

But then later you remember why you were pissed because you are very hungry because your husband took your check card out of your purse because he could not find his and he had to go to the grocery store for diapers or something and then he FOROGT TO PUT IT BACK and so you are stuck at work with no lunch because you have no way to pay for Subway or even snacks from the vending machine.  And he did have a tone when he said he was sorry because really he is not and he has both check cards. Seriously do not answer the phone.



  1. That’s why I repay my husband by taking all of his cash when he’s not looking…

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