Posted by: mountainmomma18 | February 24, 2010


And the sound is golden, especially this morning, and what a morning it has been. For starters I had a tough day yesterday. It wasn’t exactly one thing I could pinpoint just a bunch of stuff and just feeling, you know, sad. Also I almost lost my phone and were it not for the very cool janitor who found it in my classroom I would be replacing a very expensive piece of electronic equipment (and no I was not tweeting during class, I was checking to make sure I had received an email from a student which included an assignment). What did not help was the fact that the husband was in a very cranky mood, for some reason, I am still not quite sure what it was. But because the husband is usually so even keeled and rarely gets in a foul mood I usually let it go, but yesterday it was just one more thing. I spent  good part of the evening in tears I could not really explain and after watching figure skating went straight to bed. But, oh then this morning…..

I heard the bug start to fuss about 7 am, but instead of just jumping in her crib and yelling “momma” which basically means come change me and get me some milk please, she was crying. When I went to get her she was just standing there holding her blankie so pathetic I had to ask “baby girl what’s wrong?” “Ouch,” she said pointing to her tummy. Now any mom knows that when a kid tells you that their tummy hurts you should prepare yourself for some puking- but I had just woken up and there was no coffee in me and so I just said something along the lines of, “oh poor baby your tummy hurt?” You see where this is going right? She opened her mouth to respond and instead vomited all over the front of my nightgown.

Yeah, it’s gross but when you are a mom it’s part of the territory. I got us both to the bathroom before the next wave came while yelling for the husband who jumped out of bed like the house was on fire. I got us both stripped down and cleaned up and we lay down in our bed for some cartoons with clean clothes. Again, you see where this is going right? In the course of next three hours I was puked on three more times. And this is when I truly had a mom moment because instead of being grossed out and frustrated I just felt bad that the bug felt bad. Crap now all of the things my mom ever said make sense. This is why she wants me to call whenever I am on a plane and why my arguments that I am 34 make no difference. She’s right, your baby is always your baby, no matter how old they old. I am slightly annoyed that she right, I don’t think I will tell her.

 But the day is looking up; the bug is napping after two blissfully puke free hours and keeping down some pedialite and toast. But I have a ton of laundry to do now- but instead I am blogging- see something is always neglected when mommies blog. At my house it is usually the vacuum and the washer/dryer. I am sure they would complain if they could, but I doubt I would listen, because I am blogging damn-it. Besides I totally live by the motto “nap time is mommy time” and mommy time does not include cleaning- take that vacuum.

PS- but if the vacuum was like a Dyson I would so spend more time with it- I may even run away with it- but alas the yellow Dyson remains only my fantasy appliance, that is until it is not like $300, I mean really? For a vacuum?



  1. The 300 dollars are worth it. Trust me.

  2. I concur with Mwa…but, I still hate to vacuum and the cord isn’t long enough.

    Sorry the bug is sick and that you had a crappy day. Hope you’re both feeling better soon.

  3. Hope your bug stays feeling well and you never get puked on again.

    Yeah, stuff goes undone when moms are blogging, but moms can’t just work all the time, right?

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