Posted by: mountainmomma18 | March 12, 2010

I am totally getting a visit from social services

I am still here, not dead or anything, just had a crazy week with a capitol C. First this past weekend my in-laws came to visit for four days. Now for some people this might suck but I love my in-laws, so I was excited to have them come visit. What I was not excited about was the cleaning of the house that needed to happen before they landed. As I have said before in my life housework is not a priority. I mean we don’t live in some house you would see on Hoarders or anything. I keep the place picked up and I vacuum (ok I vacuum once a week, but at least I do it). Basically any serious cleaning happens on the weekend and if you looked in the corners of the ceiling you would probably find some dust because I just can’t bring myself to care about it that much. But not wanting my in-laws to think I am the worst housekeeper in the world we cleaned for days on end. We also set up our third bedroom as a guestroom for them, which in itself was hard. That small room was supposed to be a nursery. Since we moved in I have not really been able to deal with it, so I put all “baby” boxes into the room and closed the door. I hated looking at that closed door and knowing behind it were Rubbermaids of baby clothes, a bassinet, bouncey seat and swing. Basically all of the bug’s things that she has outgrown but were cleaned and but away with care for a new little one. Honestly I just didn’t want to deal with it, or with cleaning out some of the bug’s drawers still filled with carefully folded receiving blankets and burp cloths. But I knew that eventually I would have to deal with it all, and really the anticipation was worse than the deed itself. The husband and I tackled the room with the bug, making a game out of it. The bug helped us pile up folded blankets and pack them away in the closet of that room, talking about how they would come out again to swaddle another baby, and life would go on. So except for the bug who threw a temper tantrum because we wouldn’t let her climb into her old swing, the room was cleaned and set up with little drama. But then the bug decided that we were having too good of a day, so after the husband changed her diaper and helped her up she decided it was time to play monkey and picked up her feet to swing on the husband’s fingers and popped her other elbow out. Yes she did the whole nursemaid’s elbow thing on THE OPPOSITE ARM. Fortunately it was during the day which meant that our pedi was available to see her and pop it right back in, while I wondered how long it would take for children’s services to show up on my doorstep. I mean in the last month my daughter, who has, in two years, only been sick twice- once with an ear infection and once with the flu, has now been seen in an emergent situation twice. Fantastic. Of course we were a bit worried that this has happened twice, not just because I am worried someone will show up at my door wondering what the hell we are doing with our child, but also because that should probably not happened. The pedi, though, was not worried. She says that some children have hyper-flexibility which can cause this and referred us to a physical therapist. Strangely this makes sense, both of my elbows are double jointed, it runs in my family. And for my whole life people have been kind of grossed out by it, some have even asked what horrible accident has mangled my elbows. My husband keeps making jokes about the bug getting some baby barbells, who knows, it may be fun. Also, while shopping with my mother in law the bug became stinky, so I took her off to the bathroom to change her and told her she was stinky, which she find endlessly entertaining because I say it in a funny voice. And then some woman in the bathroom lectured me for telling the bug she was stinky because it will probably hurt her self esteem. Yeah, it’s been a fun week.



  1. Oh, you poor thing. I’m sorry. Hang in there.

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