Posted by: mountainmomma18 | March 16, 2010

Sometimes my kid thinks I’m boring

With all of the bru haha over this article I went and read it and find myself more amused than angry. And actually the article itself is not really offensive maybe they wrote the title just to get people to read it- or something along those lines. What the paper of record would never do such a thing you say? Oh I’m sorry, you’re right. By the way my good friend the Nigerian prince says thanks.

Were was I? Oh yeah. I find it immensely funny the constant critique of mommy bloggers- you know the whole “get off of the computer and go spend time with your family.” I find myself asking, do these people even have children? Because really you know that mommies do not have to be around their children 24/7, actually that would be impossible and unhealthy. Seriously these critics really must not have any children or they would not know the pure bliss, the incredible joy that is naptime. My kids takes a minimum two hour nap everyday, and while I could in theory spend that time cleaning, or baking cookies or coming up with craft projects I don’t, but really who in hell does? People who do not have the internet, because they lived in 1952. Also children go to bed early, really early. My kid is in bed by 7:30 on most nights, 8 if she had a long nap. I, not quite being 82, do not in fact go to bed at 8pm. My husband and I watch TV or movies, I may grade papers and I blog. Oh and sometimes we clean, because someone has to do the dishes and make sure we have clean clothes (usually I’m in charge of the clothes because the husband looks at the dishwashers like a giant game of tetris). Dude that is a lot of time in which I am awake and my kid is asleep, and let’s be honest the husband doesn’t want me all up in his business all of those hours, he needs downtime too, that is what Halo 3 is for. Then there are the weekends. Sure we do family stuff on the weekend like go to the park and the grocery store (yeah you heard me, my kid has the best time in those car carts. She loves that shit). But the husband and I always make sure that each of us get some me time, because everyone needs some me time, even mommies. Usually I paint my toenails (because no woman with a toddler does her fingernails, if she has any left that is), and while they dry I blog and drink coffee. All of this without cries of “mommie, mommie!” because really even mommies need to go to the bathroom by themselves sometimes. I am not sure what my husband does with his downtime but I believe that it involves more Halo 3.

What? That couple of hours of me time I take on the weekends is going to hurt my child psychologically you say? Yeah, I don’t think so because sometime I even bore my own kid. I’m serious. She has been known to go into the other room with her toys just so she can play by herself. If I follow I get “no, no mommy just me.” Seriously, it’s like she’s literally telling me she needs some space- I think she is preparing me for the teenage years. I try not to take it personally because most of the time we play trains, and color, play catch with the dog and wrap baby dolls in blankets. This is usually interspersed with tickles and kisses. So I think she’s doing fine.

Now I don’t make a living off of this blog because like three people read it- and I love you all. But really I do not have those aspirations, mostly because I have a job I love and one that allows me to be a stay at home mom three days a week plus weekends.  And when I am on campus two days a week I know that the bug is at home playing trains with daddy, I am really, really lucky. So I don’t really need a brand or marketing- I blog because it’s a creative outlet and I get to meet some awesome people. I blog to be part of a community- and it is an awesome community. Some women do blog for a living or make some money and to them I say awesome- if you can do it why the hell not. And while they would deny it until the cows come home I think the other women who hate on mommy bloggers, particularly the successful ones are jealous- yep I said it but you were all thinking it.



  1. Oh, this article has opened a whole can of worms. Moms and non-moms, bloggers and non-bloggers — everyone is talking about it. People are so quick to criticize and judge one another. I try to do my online stuff when the kids are asleep, so they aren’t being neglected for the sake of my blog.

  2. I didn’t really get what was so offensive about this article, other than the headline. Maybe I’m just dense. I don’t think that society in general is critical of moms who start successful businesses while staying home with their children. Look at the lady who started Baby Einstein – she sold her company to Disney for millions.

    Maybe it is jealousy – I find that to be a pretty typical response from most of the women I encounter. On one hand, you can shoot out a lengthy blog post in 15 minutes. On the other hand, your lengthy blog post may not be any good. But you may be incapable of recognizing that.

    On top of everything else, who says the kids are being neglected anyway? Is this just an assumption that the media is making? This whole issue confuses me…

  3. I thought the lady was being pretty condescending. Normally I ignore this sort of stuff, but she seemed to be particularly condescending toward mom bloggers. And like you, I’m kinda sick of having to pretend that the second I popped out my kid, I had to give up my life. But you know. I guess that’s what I was supposed to do.

    • I know- people act like someone becomes nothing but mom- it’s like they don’t live in the real world where moms actually live. Even if we blog about being moms that doesn’t mean that that is all we do.

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