Posted by: mountainmomma18 | April 4, 2010

There is totally a tone…

Back in our good old graduate school days (which was not that long ago thank you very much) we would occasionally (read most weekends) need some distraction from books and grading in the form of cocktails and other people, unfortunately our University was located in a small college town surrounded by cornfields. This meant that forays to the local watering holes would mean we would inevitably run into students, which did not help the whole- get together with friends and bitch about stuff which includes students. So mostly we got together at each other’s homes. Everyone would bring libations and depending on the weather we would cook out or order pizza. And if there was enough alcohol, sometimes we would bust out the board games to play some drunken Yatzee or something like that.

On one such night our friend Mike convinced us all that we had to play the game Sorry. Now you know you are in for fun when you put some pretty competitive people around a child’s board game especially when they have gone through quite a few bottles of wine. Let it be said that we did take totally delight in sending our friends back to start with a snotty “sorry” followed by an evil Mr. Burns laugh. After a few rounds Mike had to call a time out for what he saw as a serious breach of the game. The Sorry, he contended, was meant to be more of a ‘oh, sorry I landed on your piece and sent you back to start, but that’s ok you will probably get me next time” not so much a mean “hahahaha sorry I sent your loser ass back to start- but you can’t hate the player” kind of way. We all decided he was a pinko commie bastard and we called Karl Rove on his ass. Not really of course we love his hippie dippie big heart- but now that whole conversation is coming back to me full force as I try to teach the bug some manners.

I have gotten her to say please and thank you when prompted and like a good mommy when she has to go into time out I tell her exactly (and yes I know that logic doesn’t work on a two year old, but I’m laying ground work people!) why she is in time out and then I ask her to say sorry, which she does. And I think the lesson has sunk in a little too much, because now she yells out “sorry” right after she does something she knows she’s not supposed to do. She has pinched me, and yelled sorry as she runs away, grabbed the cat’s tail and yelled sorry when she screeched and bite her daddy and then yelled sorry when he yelped (much like the cat). The problem is though that I think she thinks as long as she says sorry after she does something she is golden. And the evil little laugh she gives when she yells sorry just reminds me too much of the drunken game we used to play because really I don’t think she is sorry at all, she just thinks that is what she has to say. This whole manners thing has just blown up in my face- and I have come to the realization that this kid may be too smart for her own good- or far too much like me. One or the other.



  1. You’re a step (or twelve) ahead of me. My 3 year old hardly ever will say she’s sorry! Only under duress…

  2. Yeah, my two year old does that. But if she’s clever enough to understand that, she’s clever enough to realise why she’s in time-out.

  3. or a combination of the two! ’cause something tells me that she got the “too smart for her own good” trait from somewhere 😉

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