Posted by: mountainmomma18 | April 12, 2010

Long enough….

Ok, it has been long enough I think I need to come out. This week I actually posted an avatar on my twitter, it was liberating. And I am tired of remembering to rename the family, so without further ado….

This is me…

Jumping on the bed on a Sunday morning

my name is Jessica

this is Lilly- who I mostly call bug anyway….

I'll eat you up I love you so

this is my husband, also a J- Jeff -let’s leave it at that because he doesn’t have a blog….

Trying on my strappy shoes - getting ready for spring

I know fun right. So leave me lots of comments about how I look so young- not like I will be 35 this summer…right? Also all the pictures were taken with my iphone using the Hipstamatic app, of which I am currently obsessed.



  1. Fun pictures!

  2. you look great and i just turned 35! what?! and that is one awesome family you got there! i can feel the happiness across the globe! 🙂

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